Jan Pamela-Little Owl defeats Mt. Airy Willow

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Jan Pamela-Little Owl defeats Mt. Airy Willow

In a stunning move, Jan Pamela-Little Owl earned its first victory against Mt. Airy Willow in the ongoing Pro Am Intercoastal Challenge, held at the field of International Polo Club Palm Beach, city of Florida, United States of America.

The competition was quite hard hitting as the duo foursomes were comprised of fabled names and attempted to down each other. Wayne Barry and Steve Dalton were the names, which scored seven goals and made the victory possible for Jan Pamela by 8-6.

The first chukker of the game was opened with the goal of Joe Wayne Barry of Jan Pamela, which was answered by Mike Egan of Airy Willow. However Steve Dalton again upped the lead of Jan Pamela by scoring off a penalty shot and put opponent under intense
pressure. The attacks and counter attacks were underway from the due sides, which were making the competition more pleasing particularly for the watchers. At the end of first chukker Jan Pamela was leading the score at 2-1.

The second frame of the game was filled with lot of missed shots, fallible passes and wide hits and was quite ho-hum for the lookers. The only goal of the chukka was marked by Wayne Garrison, which further stretched the lead of Jan Pamela up to two goals,

The third chukker was commenced with the two classic goals of the Jan Pamela side. Steve and Barry marked these hits of which one was scored from the field while the other done through a 60-yard penalty shot. Airy Willow remained blank on the scoreboard
in the second consecutive frame. Jan Pamela snuck out to 5-1 lead till the half-time.

The fourth frame was unfolded with the first goal of Garrick Steele of Airy Willow which was replied by Steve, who scored third goal of the match. Jan Pamela carried a comfortable 6-2 lead off the field with them at the end of the fourth frame.

The fifth chukka was preferably lucky for the Airy Willow, where it scored three goals and reduced the lead to one goal. Outstanding player, Brandon Phillips scored off a couple of penalty hits and reduced the pressure of his foursome. Later on his teammate,
Adrian Wade marked a goal and attempted to boost up the courage of his team members. Surprisingly, the foursome of Jan Pamela which was leading the score remained scoreless in the frame.  

 Steve opened the final chukka with a classic goal through a penalty shot which was answered by Brandon from the field-score. Barry was the man who scored the winning goal of the match and sealed the triumph of his foursome at 8-6.

Steve Dalton was the top scorer while his teammate Wayne Barry and Wayne Garrison scored three and one goals respectively in the winning side. On the other side, Brandon Phillips scored three goals while his team mates Mike Egan, Garrick Steele and Adrian
Wade marked one goal apiece in the losing effort.

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