Steve Davis wins the qualifying round of the World Snooker Championship 2011

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Steve Davis wins the qualifying round of the World Snooker Championship 2011

Six times World Champion Steve Davis won the World snooker Championship qualifying round three after beating the Jack Lisowski 10-9 in Sheffield, now faces Stephen Lee in the final qualifying round on Sunday at English Institute of Sport.

In the first frame of the match the Lisowski take the lead 0-31, it did put pressure on the Former World Champion as he could only take 18 to his account but the Lisowski won the frame 18-73. In the second frames the Lisowski leading again by 0-31 from the
start, but Davis clinch the score 91 to level up the match 1-1.

Lisowski, who qualified for the German Masters and Welsh Open, led again 7-36 before the 53 Davis pocketed 42 to snatch the frame 60-50 and lead 2-1. Jack again won the next frame, when he was 27-22 ahead but the 34 year junior to knot his thoughts with
the decent break of 27 and took the frame 51-61.

Jack made a decent break 25 and 22 in the fifth frame brought him into the lead of 3-2 when he was 32-3 down to Davis. Steve Davis back again with a beautiful break of 61 to level the match 3-3. But the ‘youngstar” clinching consecutive four frames with
the top break 44,121 and 50 in the seventh, eight and the ten frame respectively to gain 3-7 lead. Meanwhile the ninth frame took a little long, but Lisowski won the frame 56-62.

The Steve Davis was put a lot of stress by the 19 year old youngster after he was four frames down to him. But the Davis knocked in back to back centuries and win the next two frames with an excellent break of 101 and 105 in the 11th and 12th

After that the Lisowski took the 13th frames 34-78 to level up the match 8-8 in the qualifier, but the Davis again lead in the next three frames with the decent score of 61, 58 and 69.Lisowski was given a tough time by the snooker legend but immediately
he ditch the master to pluck scrappy 17th frame 40-60 with the two decent break of 25 and 28 again lead 8-9.

The 53 year olds Davis, who won the British Open two times in 1986 and 1993 and also won the Regal Welsh Open in 1944 and 1995, fired a marvelous break of 80 in the 18th frame to level up the match 9-9. Both players had chances in the early but
Lisowski missed 15 and Davis made a decent break of 38. He takes lead in the last frame 59-16 and won the victory. Now he will face the Stephen Lee in the last round of the Betfred,com World Snooker Championship 2011 qualifier and It will be interesting to
see who win the final World Snooker Championship 2011.



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