Six Nations 2011: Mike Tindall finds Martin Johnson behind consecutive victories.

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Six Nations 2011: Mike Tindall finds Martin Johnson behind consecutive victories.


Mike Tindall the captain of English rugby team finds their manager Martin Johnson behind their successful march in the on going Six Nations championship. England has won its all three matches and is on top of points table. The inspirational Martin Johnson’s
team is likely to win first grand slam after 2003.


The English started their journey in the championship without their skipper Lewis Moody, who was ruled out due to the injury for undecided time. Mike Tindall has done well in his absence and led the team from the front. Mike Tindall produced three consecutive
victories for his side. He will remain the captain of the side until Lewis Moody comes back into the side.


Tindall says it is inspirational personality of their manager who has put them on winning track. He said that Tindall’s behaviour makes them passionate to carry the day. He further said: “When he is in the changing room he is showing the boys more of the
Martin Johnson that you saw on the field. We wanted to see that fiery side of him. Every time we go out just before a game he looks like he wants to go out there with us.”


Tindall added that he made the team much more united than ever in the past. Johnson casts a spell over the boys to bring them closer and makes them fighting for team. Tindall accepted that it was difficult for us to continue victory march as France had created
the air of hate. This is important to know that before England took on France on 26th February at Twickenham Marc Lievremont had said that “we hate the English team”.


The tactful Johnson handled the matter very politely as he declared that his team is not going to play hatred game. The French coach chased him well to provoke his team but they remain cool off the field but paid in the same coin on the field. The English
side defeated the French by 17-9. The French even said on an occasion that all other contesting team want to see France as champion in the on going clash.  


Johnson really appreciated his team as they defeated their traditional rivals. Now England is travelling to Scotland to play their next match. If England manages to win that game the distance between them and grand slam would be decreased. The English team
requires two victories to grab the grand slam against Scotland and Ireland. The English player Ben Foden has warned his team mates not to take the Scottish side light. He further that said:  “We know that if we can get these results against Scotland and Ireland
it will put us in a really good place come the World Cup”.

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