WWE Champion the miz over powered and defeated John Cena at Wrestlemania XXVII, Atlanta, April 3 2011

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The rivalry between two of the most distinct superstars in the WWE got a chance to have the settlement at the grandest stage of them all. The Rock being the host for the event, made a decisive impact on the amplitude of the match between the Cenation Commander-in-Chief
and the Miz. The stakes were high for both of the competitors as the event’s charisma had much in store for them. The anticipators and spectators all around the globe were going to witness an enigmatic scenario with the expectations of these two superstars
to produce immensely action packed entertainment and so they did in actual. The status of the match seemed to settle all the scores which were definitely to be settled, contrary to the fact the superstars every manipulative move on each other to dominate for
the WWE championship title.

Cena and the Miz had the ongoing rivalry on an intense level which the rock with his electrifying appearance in the WWE added a blend of devastating groove. The Awesome one had delivered the some igniting blows at occasions to Cenation Commander-in-Chief.
The Wrestlemania was the stage at which the confined rivalry was affirmed to be settled.

The Miz made his appearance one year earlier, in an opening at Wrestlemania XXVI, and this time he got some unleashing dashes from Cena as a retaliation of his physical shenanigans over the past few weeks. Cena made sure that the Cleveland screamer gets
brutalized in each and every optional and definite way. The combat seemed to be on the side of Cena when he capitalized, voids were to mantled, the crafty WWE champion initiated accordingly and delivered a smashing skull-crushing finale to Cena from which
he agilely kicked out afterwards the response to the finisher by Miz was the attitude adjustment by John Cena, the match’s referee, incapacitated by a ring collision was not able to count the pinfall.

After another attitude adjustment The Miz again was able to carve his way out of the pinfall with a little help from his associate Alex Riley, afterwards the mayhem continued outside the ring when the two superstars catapulted one another over the barricade
on the unforgiving floor, the impact with floor put mercilessly the superstars on the ground and both were unable to respond to the referee’s count.

 The anonymous Raw General Manager responded to the situation and the liability was held by the Rock to notify it to the WWE universe and the superstars about the procession, despite the instruction by the anonymous Raw General Manager, the Rock dignified
the competition accordingly to his own values for being the host of the show and announced it as a no-count outs and no-disqualification match.

A few moments later the match started and the Rock made a subliming ingression with a rock bottom to John Cena as a reminder of uncovered retribution which let the Miz to retain the WWE title. The Rock then laid the SmackDown with the people’s elbow on the
Miz levelling him to recall the “I bring it” proclamation at the grandest stage of them all. 

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