Review of Badminton event for multicultural families by Yonhap News Agency

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Review of badminton event for multicultural families by Yonhap News Agency

Yesterday, the Yonhap News Agency took the honor of hosting a badminton tournament for multicultural families from whole the nation. This event is the identity of Yonhap because this news agency holds this event for encouraging social unity and cohesion
among the international families residing in South Korea. Yonhap Agency had started this idea from the previous year with a unique motive of uniting families with different backgrounds so that such people could feel pleasure on being members of the South Korean

The matches were organized in three categories of men’s singles, women’s singles and mixed doubles. The event was very elegant and graceful because five hundred people participated from all the walks of life together with multicultural families, volunteers
and TV celebrities. The event was organized at the KBS 88 Gymnasium in Hwagok-dong in western Seoul. The event was sponsored by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, and the Central Office for Multicultural Family Support Centers. At the occasion of
opening ceremony the president of Yonhap Agency and Chief Executive Officer of Park Jung-chan said that he is fully cognizant of the dominant role performed by multicultural families in South Korean society. That’s why it is also their right to enjoy such
occasions of pleasure and refreshment.  So for identifying their services a sport like badminton can be a best choice for bringing different societies close to each other .Such activities will strengthen their society.

Kim Kyo-sik who is vice minister for gender equality and family affairs was found saying at the opening ceremony that almost 1.2 million population of South Korea is contributed by multicultural families and it is responsibility of the government to provide
occasions of refreshment to its people. A game like badminton can be a best source for bringing change and promotion of health and education.

The lecture of Lee Hyo-jung, the winner of gold medal in the Beijing Olympics 2008 in mixed doubles, also made good impression on the audience. He talked about the unity of society through the promotion of games. During the event Television stars, musical
performers and other famous personalities of stage and media mixed up with the people, participated in photo session and gave people great confidence. The views of Eva Popiel, a famous Television celebrity, touched the hearts of the people present at that
occasion. She talked that the Korean husbands married with women of other countries should learn about the ways and living patterns of the countries of their life partners. This idea would become a prominent factor in bringing multicultural families closer
to each other.

From all the categories of men’s singles, women’s singles, and mixed doubles came interesting results and the players seeking highest number of scores were given prizes as a realization of their best game. Moreover, the participants of the event were given
badminton racquets and T-shirts.








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