Wenger Demands Unity Before Going to Bolton

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Wenger demands Gunners to be united both on and off the pitch, even though there are great difficulties in doing so. Arsene wants every one to be together and support the team at every front.  

Arsenal is making its trip to Reebok stadium on Sunday having found them selves in third place behind Chelsea. Gunners lost another chance to be a threat in title race when they drew against Spurs on Wednesday night after a thriller in
which fans saw six goals being scored. It was a pulsating game and kept every body on the edge of their seats. The game ended in a three- three draw.

Arsenal is unbeaten in last sixteen games but most of them have been draws, which has not helped in their cause and are now way behind the leaders. They have won only three in their last nine games and it have cost them dearly. The dream
of being Champion’s is slipping away from them. Arsene has been defending his team for long and usual questions are being asked again. Their mental strength has always been in question and this time it’s no different. It has become synonymous to their name
now and Wenger is in tough situation finding few answers to defend his young team. Number of disappointed fans is growing day by day and Wenger seems to find no end to it. Fans had to go through the agony of watching their team loosing the Carling Cup final,
when after six years of drought they finally had chance to win something. After that, successive elimination from Champions’ League and FA Cup, made the matters even worse.

Even after all this Wenger demands that every one should accept that this team has already performed better then what was expected of them. Wenger thinks that if everyone does their job right and put their energies in the right direction, this seasons campaign
can still be salvaged.  In an interview, Arsene Wenger expressed his views by saying that every one can be very proud of the team as they have grown mentally since the start of the season. They have been involved in all fronts which provided fans and the team
alike with hope and that instills fighting spirit in a club which is of foremost importance to win any thing. One has to know that they can do it before doing it. Wenger wants media to accept this as well, as they are taking him on with difficult questions.

Arsene demand fans to stand by the team through thick and thin. He wants them to be at their back till the last day of the season and till the last whistle blows. Arsene wants every one to follow the underlying philosophy of the club and be strong. Speaking
of values, Wenger expressed that the club has been built on sound grounds of solidarity and wants fans to show it till the last second of the season. Wenger said that he is ready to accept everything at the end of season but till then wants fans to instill
their belief and faith into the team.

Arsenal has a history of not performing very well against Bolton Wanderers. In times of Sam Allardyce, this was one of the most difficult away trips for the Gunners. But since his departure things have changed a lot. Owen Coyle is in charge now and he has
come up with his own philosophy. They have performed extremely well this season and look all set to finish in the top half of the table. But it has to be kept in mind that the Trotters had a massive disappointment in FA cup semi final when they lost out to
Stoke five nil. Gunners can cash in on their massive disappointment and at last get three points of a game.

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