Rubens Barrichello still not a confirmed driver for Williams

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Rubens Barrichello still not a confirmed driver for Williams

The current Williams driver, Rubens Barrichello is quite hopeful to retain his seat with the team for the upcoming season; however, his seat has not been confirmed yet. There had been a series of rumours and speculations telling that the deal has already
been signed for another couple of years, however, the driver just confirmed that nothing is yet in black and white.

The driver did not get a very competitive car this season, yet he is convinced to continue driving another season with the same team. However, he has claimed that the final deal is yet to be settled.

Some of the stories that made headlines earlier this month told said that Barrichello has confirmed his stay in the team for the 2011 season. However, it was not too late that another set of stories came to the forefront suggesting that the old driver would
now be replaced by Pastor Maldonado of Venezuela.

While talking to the reporters earlier today, the Brazilian said that he is happy with the current team and has had a smooth relation with the management as well as other co-workers. He further added that the team authorities have always given him the respect
and position that an experienced driver must be given. He continued telling that he is quite hopeful to retain his seat in the team not only because he has been able to produce the best possible results from his car but also because he has worked very closely
with the team in building the 2011 car.

He was glad to state that the next year’s car seems pretty promising and he feels that the tough and challenging times are over now and the upcoming year would be far better for the team than this one.

However, he vividly explained that from his side he can only say that he is happy staying with the team, but of course the final decision would be taken by the team.

While telling the reports about his experience with the Williams this season he told, “The start of the season was not so good; we thought we had a good car but it was hard for us to be in the top 10. But the rapport with the team was very good and we managed
to improve.”

Moreover he added, “I’ve been working on the car for next year. There are things arising from the regulations that we are only going to find out later, but the design is bold and 2011 is going to be better than this one.”

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