Napoli’s Edinson Cavani dreams of playing for Real Madrid

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Napoli’s Edinson Cavani dreams of playing for Real Madrid

Napoli’s twenty four year old Uruguayan ace goal scoring machine, Edinson Cavani has gone on to admit that he is living the dream life at the Italian club, but he would someday like to play for Real Madrid.

The striker has been a breath of fresh air at the club and has so far this term gone on to score a whopping twenty five league goals, while having scored thirty two goals overall this term – so far. The striker has also helped steer Napoli into the second
spot in the league table and that is something that almost everyone has started to take note of. However with almost everyone wanting to get their hands on Cavani, the striker has gone on to make it clear as to where he wants to play in the future.

When talking about his future and the way his career is shaping up, Cavani is reported to have said:”I want everything to continue the way it’s going now.

“I am living a real dream with Napoli. Regarding my future, I have always adored a challenge. There is a club I would particularly like to play for and that is Real Madrid. My blood pulses to wear the white jersey or that of a similarly important side.”

“For now my desire is to continue playing at this level”

Just when everyone started to think that Manchester City might just get their hands on Cavani, following some serious rumours over the last couple of weeks, it now seems like Madrid are the favourites to snap up the striker.

These words from the forward could have not come at a better time for the club, this is because Jose Mourinho was rumoured to be on the prowl to find a competent striker, who he could bring into the Bernabeu to try and strengthen his striker force. The fact
that Cavani might be that man, has probably got the manager smiling in his seat right now. This is because he is probably more than well aware of the capabilities that Cavani possesses and if he was to somehow land the player, then it could help Madrid have
the most lethal strike force in the world of football.

At the moment, the team have the likes of Gonzalo Higuain, Emmanuel Adebayor and Karim Benzema, who can play as all out strikers. However Mourinho has not really been very happy with Benzema and if he could replace the Frenchman with the Cavani, then perhaps
Madrid’s goal scoring capabilities would get a massive boost.

This is because Cavani is more than capable of scoring with both his feet and his head and if he has the likes of Mesut Ozil, Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria providing him with balls on a plate to put in the back of the net, then the striker is bound
to do just that.

Some experts have even gone on as far as to state that should this move go through, then Madrid might finally be able to overturn Barcelona’s dominance in the league and reclaim top spot once again. At the moment a fee of around forty million pounds is being
stated to be enough for Madrid to land the player, however nothing can be finalized until both the teams go into advanced talks over the possibility of a transfer.

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