Most Dominant Player in the World of Golf – Yani Tseng

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Most Dominant Player in the World of Golf – Yani Tseng

There was a time when Tiger Woods dominated the world of golf and there was no other player who could beat him up in the rankings. During his rule, it seemed as if the top position for other players was the 2nd position and they can’t go more
than that. However, there is no more Tiger Woods now as we had him in the past. So, who is now the most dominating golfer in the world?

Is that Rory McIlroy who won the 2011 US Open with 8 strokes margin conquering the hearts of golf fans and then falling in love with a tennis star to lose concentration on his game? Definitely No! He just gave golf fans the palpitations by winning the US
Open but then started playing like a mediocre after he had showed his interest in tennis player.

So, is it World No.1 Luke Donald? No, he can’t be described as a dominating player given the reason that he hasn’t win a single major in more than 10 years of his professional career.

Is it World No.1 female professional golfer from Taiwan, Yani Tseng? Definitely YES. She has in real meaning dominated the world of golf and is undoubtedly the best women golfer these days.

22 years old Tseng has won 9 events in 2011 Ladies Professional Golfers Association tour including 2 major events. She has earned more than $2.92 million as prize money on LPGA Tour. The runner-up US player Cristie Kerr has prize money of $1.47 million which
is about 1.5 million less than that of Tseng’s prize money. Moreover, she had stroke average of 69.66 which is almost a stroke better than any other player on the tour. Na Yeon Choi is at second place with 70.53 stroke average.

She has won total of 5 major events in her professional career and she is just 22 years old. She is the youngest player to reach that total among men and women golfers.

It seems that Tiger Woods may not be able to reach the Jack Nicklaus’ 18 major wins record, however, Tseng has the chance to beat Patty Berg’s record of 15 major wins in women’s golf.

Asian Women golfers are dominating the world of women golf with media giving so much attention to them in the United States. It has been a long time since any of the American female golf player reached No.1 in the Women’s World Golf Rankings. Prior to Tseng,
Mexican Lorena Ochoa had the crown of being No.1 and before that, Annika Sorenstam ruled the world of golf. In between Tseng and Ochoa, Jiyai Shin also held the first position for 7 weeks.

Tseng has managed 5 wins in the 11 events that she has played since June 2011 and always a favourite whenever she tees up. She has now learned quite god English and can talk to the media easily and interacts with her fans cheerfully.

She has got so much popularity that the General Manager of Puerto Rico Open, Sidney Wolf, offered her to play at the Puerto Rico Open and said that he would like her to play in the PGA event in 2012.

“Having the number one player here would open our event to a broader audience,” he said.”It could open up the possibility of a LPGA event here, and ultimately help us raise funds for our charities. It would also create awareness of Puerto Rico globally,
which would economically be very positive for the island.”

Tseng is no doubt the future of golf and if someone wants to see a real game of golf, he or she should go to some LPGA event with Tseng playing in it.

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