Michael Schumacher; a story of a relentless driver

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Michael Schumacher; a story of a relentless driver: One of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all times Michael Schumacher is aiming for a better performance in the next season of the Formula 1.

The record holding seven times world championship title holder Schumacher is also considered as an icon for the world of Formula 1. Not only this but his efforts to promote the sport of formula 1 racing cannot be ignored as well. He as dominated the racing
podiums for many years.

After coming back to the racing tracks the former world champ has not been able to perform to his wills. But his return to the world of racing is a vivid proof of his love and dedication for the sport. For the people who are unaware of the matter it is to
be remembered that Schumacher sidelined himself from racing in the year 2006 and has