Halkbank becomes the main sponsor of Turkish Volleyball Federation

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Halkbank becomes the main sponsor of Turkish Volleyball Federation

The sponsors play an important role in running any sport with success. That is why the sports federations throughout the world look for companies and organisations, which can join hands with them to work for the development of sport. In the recent times,
Turkish Volleyball Federation (TVF) signed an agreement with one of the largest national banks in country. The Halkbank, generally known as People’s bank, has confirmed its support for the Turkish Volleyball Federation.

According to the recently signed agreement, the Halkbank will sponsor all the men’s national volleyball teams of Turkish Volleyball Federation. Halkbank is a state owned bank and it has come a long way since its establishment in 1938. The national bank has
already been involved in sponsoring volleyball events at the national league. They have also run many volleyball development projects in past.  

Mr. Karabiyik, the President of the Turkish Volleyball Federation was simply delighted about the kind consideration of Halkbank to support the Federation. He was too humble to compliment them and appreciate their keen interest in volleyball development over
the past many years. The Halkbank has earned a great reputation in the national league for being the major sponsor. Besides the national events, they have sponsored some of the European cups as well.

Mr. Karabiyik spoke his heart in the following manner. He said: “A national bank which is already pursuing success in the national league as well as in the European Cups has decided to work closely with our Federation, this is really mind-blowing. I am happy
to see that with the support of Halkbank Volleyball will get into a new dimension. Their contribution is extremely important for our men’s national teams and at the same time for Halkbank this is a very good chance to strengthen the value of their brand”.

In the meantime, the General Director of Halkbank Mr. Hüseyin Aydin expressed his views about the agreement. He stated: “With this agreement we want to accelerate the real upswing that Volleyball is currently experiencing here in Turkey. By supporting the
national teams we also want to draw the attention of our youth to the sport of Volleyball”.

This is a very good sign of development for Turkish Volleyball Federation. The support of Halkbank will surely benefit them in a great way.

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