10 all times best Right Handed Pitchers of All time (Part 1)

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Baseball is the game of Pitcher. A game comprising of nine innings per team with 3 outs per innings and what a team gets in the end is total of nearly 5 to 10 runs and even in some occasions, not a single run. That shows the dominance of a Pitcher and the
defending side over a baseball game. With the bowling varieties a pitcher have and the fielders’ location, it’s always difficult for a batter to guide a pitch in a specified gap to have enough time to go to the other base. The history of baseball is full of
dominant Pitchers that caused great problem for the batters of their time. Most of the pitchers usually are the right handed. Pitches like breaking balls (that moves away from the right handed batters) and the screw balls are the weapons that a Right handed
pitchers (RHP)  have, to create difficulties for the right handed batter and a left handed batter respectively. 

The history of baseball (nearly one and a half century) is full of great RHPs. It’s quite difficult to make a list of top ten RHPs of all time, because of the difference in the nature of the careers that pitchers have. Some have long careers and have good
prime times while the other have relatively short careers but amazingly excellent Prime time, but they are usually ranked on the basis of their career stats, their achievements, the length of their prime etc.

Here is the list of top 10 Major League RHPs of all time made on the basis of personal knowledge and information about baseball.

10- Kid Nichols:

Born on 1869 in Madison, Kid started his career in 1890 when he joined
Boston Beaneaters and got an instant success with the team. In his first season he went for 27–19 with ERA of 2.23 and 222 strikeouts. Then he continued his performance
by having ten consecutive seasons with 20 or more wins. He also had a record of having 7 Major League 30+ win seasons with the best of 35 in year 1892. After he left Boston Beaneaters in190, he managed a minor league franchise Kansas City where he got 48 wins
in two seasons under his management.

His career is tinted with record of Win–Loss record 361–208, ERA 2.95, Strikeouts 1868. Nichols is the youngest pitcher
to win 300 games at the age of just 32.

Included in “Baseball Hall of Fame” in 1949.

9- Bob Gibson:

Known for his aggressive nature and the intimidation factor, Bob Gibson started his playing career as a basket ball player before joining the spring season with St. Louis Cardinals baseball team in 1958 and remained in the same club before signing off baseball
in 1975. He got off to a slow start before finally getting the rhythm in mid 60s, when in 1968 he ended up the league with only 1.12 ERA. A record that ultimately broken in 1906 by Three Finger Brown.

In his 16 years career he had win-loss record of 251–174, 2.91 ERA and 3117 strikeouts. His personal achievements include nine-time All-Star selection, two CY Young Awards, National League’s Most Valuable Player in 1968 and member of two World Series championship

In 1981, He was included in Baseball Hall of Fame.

8-Tom Seaver:

Inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1992,
“Tom” Seaver is considered to be one of the best starting Pitcher in the history of the baseball according to many baseball experts. During his 20 years career from 1967-1986, he played for four different teams though he got more prominent in New York
Mets. He is the only Met player who got his number retired.

His career statistics include 311 wins, 3,640 strikeouts, and an ERA of 2.86. His awards include   National League Rookie of the Year (1967) Award, three times NL CY Young Awards for the best pitcher.

7-Christy Mathewson:

Christy Mathewson nicknamed “The Christian Gentleman”, or “Matty” dominated as a RHP at the start of the 20th century. During 1901 to 1903 he was top of the league five times and never crossed figure 3.00(ERA) in these thirteen years. Total wins
are 373 including four 30+ leagues.  The best year for him was 1905 in which he got 206 strikeouts, 1.28 ERA and 31-9 winning record. He has total of 373–188 Win-Loss record, 2.13 ERA and, 2,502 Strikeouts.

Included in Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936.


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