Andre Johnson felt tugging while he practices Wednesday

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Houston Texans will be playing Jaguars in the 8th week of NHL season. Jaguars have the ability to win against Texans and decrease the winning margin between them. The biggest problem that Texans suffered during week 4 game against Steelers was
to lose Andre Johnson due to hamstring injury. He has not played any game since. The good news that has brought cheers for the Texans and their fans that Johnson has returned to the practice after recovering from the injury and expected to play the game against

 “He went the whole practice,” Coach Gary Kubiak said Wednesday. “It’s a huge step forward.  It’s just good to get him out of working on his own mode and work with the players.  I think it’s going to be a process this week, but there’s obviously a chance
[that he’ll play], the fact that he practiced.  It’ll be a day-to-day deal.”

Johnson practiced on limited basis as he went out and did little bit practice to see how he feels. According to Johnson, he did not feel as he expected but he was still able to make a few plays. He also said that he was feeling some kind of jerks when he
ran on the leg which actually required surgery and if he will keep feeling the same in the coming days, he will not be playing Sunday. He still has 3 days left ahead and he needs to work through. He plans to progress on daily basis and observing how he might
feel until his team has to play against Jaguars.

The main problem that Johnson stated during the practice is having pain while exploding vertically down the field which is basically the skill Texans are missing for the last 3 weeks. Everything else is just going fine and he is able to run routes and make
cuts even.

Now it all depends on how he performs and feel in the coming few days and will he be able to recover from his injury. When he got injured in the match against Pittsburg on October 2, it was expected that it will take about six weeks for his injury to be
recovered. Now, it is pretty obvious that he is recovering too fast and even started practicing Wednesday and likely to be playing in the Week 8 game against Jaguars.

Johnson has the NFL careers statistics of 698 receptions, 9516 receiving yards and 52 Receiving TDs. In the 2011 season of NHL, he has total of 25 receptions, 352 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns. He is playing with the Houston Texans since 2003 when Texans
chose him with the third overall pick of 2003 NFL Draft.

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