Hadi Nasri is back for uplifting the declining status of Indonesian Badminton team

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Hadi Nasri back for uplifting the declining status of Indonesian Badminton team

The Indonesian Badminton Association has again hired Hadi Nasri for giving support to the tottering edifice of badminton in Indonesia. A mature and experienced badminton coach, Nasri has already served for the Indonesian badminton in the past, when he trained
top shuttlers like Alan Budikusuma and Susi Susanti who won gold medals in 1992 Olympics.

At present the Indonesian badminton has dismayed the fans of badminton in Indonesia because its players have shown very poor results. The start of 2011 was not good even for the top shuttlers of Indonesia. Taufik Hidayat who is the top badminton player of
Indonesia even could not face off players of very low rankings in YONEX 2 All England badminton tournament. Similarly, the results of Indonesian players in the Wilson Swiss Open tournament also disheartened the badminton loving community of Indonesia.

Keeping in view this dilapidated situation of badminton in Indonesia, this move of making use of the experience of Nasri is hoped to revive Indonesian badminton glory. After joining the athlete development department of the Indonesia Badminton, Hadi Nasri
said in an interview, “he knows well that it is quite difficult job for him to bring back Indonesia badminton on the track of success but he will put his best efforts for this purpose”.

Hadi Nasri said that it is a challenge for a coach unknown about the affairs of badminton in Indonesia but he will adjust himself quickly because before this in 1990s he had worked as the deputy head of the athlete’s development department.

To achieve gold medals in the upcoming Olympics tournament in London next year is the wish of the players of all the major badminton promoting countries. That is why China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Korea and India are trying their best
to train their players.

Hadi Nasri said that now he is trying to understand all the issues which are creating hurdles in the way of promotion of badminton in Indonesia. After carefully analyzing all the issues, he will take each and every step for making Indonesia a badminton giant.

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