Eight Reasons to watch Tennis… besides the game of Tennis Part – 2

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Eight Reasons to watch Tennis… besides the game of Tennis

Part – 2

3 – Ana Ivanovic

The Adidas sponsored Serbian hottie; Ana Ivanovic was a once a top-ranked tennis player in the world, but she still is in the top ranking of the style icons in the sport. It’s not only on the court that Ana Ivanovic
is known to pull on stunning out-fits; she is known for her fashionable out-fits off the court as well.

Her natural beauty comes with her flashy green eyes on her smooth olive complexion, topped with a gleaming shiny smile, not to talk about her body as yet. All adding up to make her look as hot in the branded sports
skirt and tee on the court, as she does in the Roberto Cavalli gown off it.

But above all illusion, the Serb gained major attention with her sizzling hot photo-shoot for Sports Illustrated in the February 2010 edition; appearing in a “swim-suit”.

4 – Caroline Wozniacki

Often we find a cute Danish super-star tap dancing on her toes behind the baseline of the tennis court, as if she’s bouncing on some tune in her heart; but it’s Caroline Wozniacki, sporting an Adidas ballerina dress
for the grand slam in 2011.

The world number one Dane clearly stated her instincts how to feel good and be good as she said, “For me it’s important to feel good on court and of course to look good. Then I can focus on my tennis”. The girly and
gorgeous keeps it chic and classy, but still hailed most often for her indifferent style choices.

She had been elected to be the elite new face of the Adidas sport-line designed particularly by Stella McCartney and she appeared in their distinctive sport performance apparel and footwear in style. “For me it is
essential to wear products that combine performance and style,” Wozniacki responded after being the choice of McCartney and Adidas.

5 – Anna Kournikova

Another Russian star, Anna Kournikova, understandably set new fashion trends in the game of Tennis; and y wouldn’t she? Being the wife of the Spanish pop-star Enrique Iglesias, the Russian’s looks, toned physique
complement her fashion-week cat-walks and the calendar shoots. Besides tennis, Kournikova mostly stays in gossip and news from the publicity surrounding her looks and her personal life. And the initsy-bitsy girl herself was adamant enough to state once, “I
am beautiful, famous and gorgeous,” any doubts anybody?

6 – Mary Pierce

The stylish, the sexy, the blonde bomb-shell in tight plait and massive earrings, a flash of thighs topped with her moans aloud, often known as the “grunt” by her rivals, it’s the traits of the Canadian Mary Pierce,
whose also in the standings of the Tennis’s most watched babes.

But it’s not only the women tennis players who grab the attention of the spectators for their hot, sizzling out-fits or the glamour they induce in the game besides the zeal and thrill of the sport itself.

When it comes to the worst dressings on the tennis court, it’s all in all the Williams sisters. Tending to induce an X-factor of seduction in their out-fits, indeed they fail to gain much desirable audiences.

7 – Venus Williams

The elder Williams, Venus Williams started the illusion from a laced corset at the 2010 French Open revealing more than it hid and soon shifting to her newer out-fit, sequined leather hot pants further leading to
fluorescent lingerie. It could be said more but it’s indeed an on-court ugly look-book.

8 – Serena Williams

Serena, though younger of the Williams sisters, still avoids as much adventure as her elder sister, but still she follows some symptoms and tendency to walk down the disastrous fashion aisle. She gained some critics
pulling up a biker jacket with studded skirt at the US Open 2004, but perhaps that wasn’t enough to keep all the fingers pointed at her, as she took it to the verge wearing the groan-tight cat-suit in 2008 at the same tournament. Perhaps nothing worth, saying

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