Downfall of Pakistani Cricket

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Pakistan is a country which loves cricket. The people from Pakistan are crazy about the game and whenever Pakistan plays a match, the roads go deserted. Although cricket is not the national sport of Pakistan, it is the most played and viewed game of the
country. The cricket players who play in the national side in Pakistan have more fans following than the rock stars and the movie stars. Some cricketers have also tried their luck in movies.


There was a time when Pakistan used to rule the cricketing world. The team looked like a unit and they were the prime example of synergy. The Pakistani cricket team was one of the feared teams and they used to over run the opposing teams with ease. In those
days Pakistan also had top of the line players who used to perform on the regular basis.


Over the years, Pakistan team went on a route to a steady decline. Now Pakistani team is not a feared side and they have a tendency to loose all the major games.


Pakistani cricket has also suffered a lot due to a lack of international exposure and the young players who enter into the Pakistani national side take a lot of time to adjust.


There are a lot of reasons which have lead to the decline of Pakistani Cricket.

The biggest reason is the terrorism in the country. The Taliban’s who are present in the northern part of the country constantly threat the cricket players and their families. Not to mention the number of bombings in the country. Due to all these bombings
and the security concerns, Pakistan was stripped from co hosting the magnum opus cricket world cup 2011. Pakistan received a more serious blow when the visiting Sri Lankan team was attacked by terrorists.


The second reason is the corruption in cricket. Most of the Pakistani cricketers come from poor families who have not seen a lot of money. When these players are offered bribes by some influential people, the players take them with out hesitating. In the
domestic circuit match fixing is destroying the talent. The players want to earn as much as cash possible and they don’t mind earning it from illegal means. In the International format, the players are exploited by spot fixers. Pakistan has been suffering
from this for a long time. Even now the ex captain of Pakistan; Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and the young pacer Mohammed Amir are facing charges from International Cricket Council for their involvement in spot fixing and relationship with alleged bookie Mazhar

Another major blow to Pakistani cricket is the corruption in the Pakistan Cricket Board. The senior players over the years have constantly blamed the board executives for the measures taken by them. Most of the decisions according to the senior players are
not done on merit and this has resulted in a downfall of relationship between the players and the governing body. The current chairman of the board Mr. Ijaz Butt is also blamed for the decisions taken and recently has faced a lot of fire from the local and
international press.


Another important reason is the relationship of players. The players are not on good terms with each other and professional jealousy might be a reason for that. Some time ago there was a dressing room incident when Pakistan’s pace king Shoaib Akhtar and
fellow pace man Mohammad Asif. Shoaib Akhtar was suspended from the team and an inquiry was carried out without any suitable findings.


These factors have vastly effected the sport in Pakistan and unless these factors are addressed. Pakistani cricket will move on to a decline.

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