Tennessee Titans refuse to hold private workout for Terrel owens – NFL news

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Terrel Owens’ agent Rosenhaus said that the Tennessee Titans are looking into Terrel Owens but they are not planning to hold any private workout for him. For this reason, Owens held a public workout session. He further told that he talked to the Titans’
management about holding a private workout but they totally refused the idea. That is why, Owens had to choose the alternate way of workout session.

37-year-old receiver has just recovered from the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery on the left knee and says that he is perfect and ready to play. It was his first workout in front of the public since his knee operation in June.

In his workout session, there was not a single representative from any NFL team to observe his performance and this was expected by the workout management. That is why they held in-camera session so that they could send the tapes to different NFL teams about
his fitness.

Owens also told NFL Network that he was not that much concerned about the absence of the representatives of different teams. He only cares about one team to be interested in and he only needs one chance to prove himself and definitely he was talking about
Tennessee Titans.

He looked stronger throughout the session and the only difficulty he faced was in the last 2-3 routes which were considerably deeper routes as compared to the other 12 routes he ran.

He was looking very comfortable after the workout and said that it will open the eyes of teams. He was helped by Raymond Farris and former State quarterback, Casey Hansen, during his workout session that threw passes and practiced pass-catching drills.

“I just watched Terrell go through a full football workout and he looked awesome!” Rosenhaus later tweeted. “He is 100% healthy and ready to play right now!”

“I will be contacting the teams today to inform them that Owens is immediately available to visit and work out for them. He could play this Sunday,” Rosenhaus added

One of the general managers (GMs) told Rosenhaus that his team does not have any interest in Owen and thinks that other teams have the same thing in mind. But, the GM also said that he felt the same way before and the receiver kept on getting the work which
means everything can happen in favour of him.

Owens, with 15 years of experience with NFL spent the last season with Cincinnati Bengals when he ended in 72 receptions fоr 983 yards and 9 touchdowns. In receiving yard, he is ranked 2nd on all time NFL’s receiving yards list with 15,934 yards.
Moreover, he is tied with Randy Moss for 2nd position in touchdown catches that is 153 and 6th in interceptions with 1078 interceptions.

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