Domestic Cricket needs to be up heal in Pakistan

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This is quiet surprising for the followers of cricket to see Australia’s performance in a decline since last three years. We need to keep this thing in mind that it is never easy to replace players like McGrath, Hayden or Gilchrist overnight. Many critics
have started to disregard Australia from the world cricket in coming days but it is against the nature of the Aussies who compete in every situation.

Australia has built a very strong domestic structure of cricket. The level of cricket in Sheffield Shield is almost of the quality of Test cricket. Therefore problem is in the talent which doesn’t match to a quality that Australia has been producing in last
two decades.

If we compare the Australian situation with Pakistan’s, the situation is entirely opposite. Pakistan is one of the most talented cricket nations in the world. After going through all the controversies last year, Pakistan cricket is still able to compete
with other top teams of the world. Prime example of Pakistan’s talent is its recent showings against the Proteas in UAE where the Test series ended without a result. We need to keep in mind that South Africa is one of the top teams of the world and has beaten
all the top teams in recent times.

Let us have a closer look at the domestic cricket of Pakistan which has off-late failed to produce cricketers of the highest caliber. Some of the players like Imran Nazir, Imran Farhat and Yasir Hameed perform exceptionally well in the domestic cricket but
struggle to score consistently in international cricket, although they have the ability to deliver at the highest stage. Even after years of experience at the international level, they are still not able to establish themselves because of their poor technique.

At the present moment, Pakistan’s domestic cricket is based on quantity and not on quality because in the current season, 113 First-class matches will be played between 22 teams. On the other hand, English Cricket Board organized 144 matches in County cricket
this year. But the Australian States played only 31 matches in the whole season.  But Sheffield Shield has given much better players to world cricket. It is because when players go through larger number of games, they loose their concentration and are not
able to perform consistently. There should be six to eight regional teams in the country so they play some quality cricket.

To produce consistency in the performance of its cricket team, Pakistan cricket Board (PCB) needs to take some very important steps. They should not allow departmental cricket because no where in the world this type of cricket is played. It does not create
any interest among the cricket lovers because no body pays attention if there is a match between multinationals. Viewers would more like to see matches between regions and provinces because of their geographical affiliations. Each region should represent itself
in the board and Regions should select the Chairman of Board rather the president of the country. Each region should have its own ground. It will create interest of viewers in cricket and as a result sponsors will come automatically because they have business
with public interest. This will increase the income of domestic players and also their devotion and passion for the sport. All PCB needs to do is to build a structure of domestic cricket where talent is organized in such a way that it can deliver the goods
in the international arena.





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