Breno’s jailmate reveals that the goalkeeper attempted suicide- Bundesliga news

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Breno’s jailmate reveals that the goalkeeper attempted suicide- Bundesliga news

Bayern Munich goalkeeper Breno Borges is believed to have attempted suicide according to one of his fellow prisoners.
Breno is currently in jail on suspicion of burning his own house down last week. The goalkeeper, though, has declined such claims but will have to spend more time in prison until the final verdict from the higher police and club officials.

The young Brazilian hasn’t been an automatic pick for the Bavarian giants, giving rise to frustration. It is reckoned that the 21-year-old burnt down his house in order to release annoyance and possibly end his career in the worst possible manner. The youngster
was rushed to the hospital by the locals from where he got shifted to jail after receiving the initial treatment.

The goalie claims that it was a mere incident that caught his house and there was no such intention. He added that he was alone at that time, watching television, when the fire began to catch all parts of the villa.

Breno reckons that Bayern officials could have handled the situation smartly. According to the Brazilian, it feels embarrassing to be in jail especially being a part of the top European outfit. He also denied frustration reports, saying that there is no
truth in those claims and he isn’t that weak to commit such crime just for not getting enough opportunities for the past three years.

The shot stopper’s inmate, on the other hand, mentioned, “When he [Breno] came here, he was in the hospital first and people were worried about suicide. He was under observation when he arrived, because I think it was a shock to him being in jail as it is
to everyone. It is obvious that everybody gets depressed when they’re in jail.”

Breno tied knots with the Bavarian giants in 2008 and since than has made 21 league appearances for the German giants. The player still awaits to make his debut for Brazil but his arrest might not allow him to do so for the rest of his career.

It is also reported that the young goalie was previously advised to meet a psychiatrist by the club’s medical staff for the increasing frustration as a result of continuous injury problems.

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