Audi overcomes Flat Out in the USPA National 20-Goal Tournament: US Polo Update

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Audi overcomes Flat Out in the USPA National 20-Goal Tournament: US Polo Update 

After a heavy loss, Audi finally collected its first and much needed victory of the 2011 USPA (United States Polo Association) Twenty-Goal Tournament after edging past Flat Out 8-6 in a heated fixture, contested at the Palm City Polo Club, in Boca Raton,
Florida, United States.

Audi adopted different strategies and were active on the offence in the match somewhat that was found lacking in first encounter against KIG.

Flat Out, nevertheless, put up an enormous fight back down the stretch and in a seesaw second-half of play, where the duo locked horns on three different occasions.

However, Audi was the team emerged victorious in the final set of play, making its record even at one-all in the tournament.

The advantage of the handicap goal worked for Audi, helping them to establish their first lead in the game.

Juan Bollini was the player who recorded his first goal of the day through a field effort, closing out the first chukka with Audi leading the score by two-nil. The resilient defence kept the Flat Out’s attackers at bay in the first seven and a half minutes
of play.

The second round was also opened at the hands of Audi players, with Melissa Ganzi and Kris Kampsen scoring one goal each for the team. However, the Flat Out strikers bounced back, finding their offence in terms of a couple of goals.

At last, Diego Cossio and Pite Merlos brought their team into the scoring net, marking one goal each and completing the second chukka with Flat Out trailing by 4-2.

Interestingly, Flat Out made a sweeping performance, dominating the third set of play completely and making the score even for the first time in the match.

Paul Knapp whacked a penalty shot while his teammate, Cossio, accompanied him by a field goal, tying the knots at four-all, after the three-chukka of play.

Kris Kampsen managed to take the ball at the right flank, unleashing a long shot and breaking the tie in the favour of Audi. But the lead did not last for long time and Ruben Gracida registered a goal, once again levelling the score at five-all, with two
chukkas left to play.

The two foursomes fought brilliantly in search of a go-ahead goal in the beginning minutes but to no avail. Jason Crowder and Cossio exchanged one goal in the waning minutes, with continuing the stalemate at six-all, with seven minutes remaining in the match.

The final action started with to and fro attacks. But the defensemen from Audi were more active as compared to their rivals.

Bollini (Audi) break the impasse at the beginning minute of the final period while Crowder earned an insurance point. The Audi players did not allow the opponents for counterattacks, winning the match by 8-6.

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