Mercedes GP Petronas expects challenging race in the Chinese Grand Prix – Formula 1

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Mercedes GP Petronas expects challenging race in the Chinese Grand Prix – Formula 1

Recent reports have revealed that Mercedes GP Petronas has


low expectations from their drivers, Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg, as they did not perform well in the first two races of the 2011 season. Mercedes president, Norbert Haug, has some predictions for the 2011 Chinese Grand Prix. He said that the China
weekend would be difficult and challenging for the team’s drivers considering they will be starting their first long-track race of the season.

Haug said, “In China, we wish to continue to improve before we can make further necessary steps with our technical package during the three weeks before the start of the European season.”

 The team boss Ross Brawn told the media that after the Malaysia race they were busy focusing on their first two weekends and identifying their worst points of their race. He added, “The hard work will continue at the factory while we are in Shanghai to
ensure that we are in a stronger position for the start of the European season.”

On the other hand, Schumacher said that he is ready for the challenging race in China and he will try his best to produce a positive result for the Mercedes’ fans.

The seven-time world champion had an interesting Malaysian Grand Prix, competing against strong rivals of Formula 1. He ended the race with 2 supportive points for his team and came 9th in the race.

After the Malaysian event, Schumi admitted that his MGP-W02 car was quite slow for the race. Despite this reason, the German said that he is ready to work hard in taking the necessary steps forward to the season’s remaining races.

For the remainder of the season, Mercedes is looking to tweak in a Drag Reduction System wing’s design since the drivers pointed out this issue during their races. The team believes that it will make the car, ‘Airflow’, more stable, as the 2011 season progresses.

After the successful Malaysian Grand Prix, all F1 teams are looking for another challenging competition in China, this weekend, 15th to 17th April.

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