2011 CEV Girls’ Youth European Championship is set begin at the weekend

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2011 CEV Girls’ Youth European Championship is set begin at the weekend

Following the successful completion of 2011 CEV Boys’ Youth European Championship, the city of Ankara in Turkey is once again ready to host the volleyball action. This time around, the girl-athletes will showcase their spike and block abilities as the final
round of the 2011 CEV Girls Youth European Championship is scheduled to start on coming Saturday, April 30. At the end of previous round, only 12 teams remained to contest their skills in the final round. The teams have been divided into two pools. Teams from
Germany, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Slovakia and Ukraine have been placed in Pool I, while the Pool II is comprised of teams from Serbia, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic and hosts Turkey.

A total of 15 matches will be played in each pool of the final round, while each team will have equal chances to get to the semis. Pool I matches will be hosted by Bestepe Sports Hall, whereas the Pool II teams will head to the Baskent Sports Arena. The
top two teams from each pool will advance to the semi-final stage. In the end, the final match will be played between the top contenders of the European Title. The final showdown of the 2011 CEV Girls’ Youth European Championship is scheduled to take place
on 5th May and it will put an end to the campaign.

The host team is head on heels to prepare for the upcoming challenge. The Turkish team has the support of head coach, Marco Aurelio Motta. The Turkish mentor is optimistic that his team will spark on the scene.  He stated: “The team is extremely ambitious
and the girls are really waiting for the competition to start, but without any stress. Our training sessions are always very cheerful. We have been going through a very demanding period as I had to finalize the composition of the team and all players were
motivated to make it to the final 12.”

As stated by the Turkish coach, the team has successfully accomplished the goal to play in the top 12 of the tournament. The next big thing is to qualify for the final match and ultimately to secure the title. The home team will be equipped with emotional
support of local fans and it is really their time to get advantage of it.

Since there is not much time left, all other teams are also giving the final touches to their preparations. It will be interesting to watch the battle for supremacy. Be there!

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