WWE’s Rated-R superstar , Edge

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 Height: 6’5”

Weight: 241 lbs

From: Toronto, Canada

 Finisher: spear

 WWE debut: June 1998

 Trained by: sweet daddy siki and Ron Hutchison

Career highlights: WCW U.S. Champion; 2001 King of the Ring; won first-ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match WWE Tag Team Champion; Unified Tag Team Champion; Intercontinental Champion WWE Champion; World Heavyweight Champion; World Tag Team

The rated-r superstar is on the move and is on his way to emboss the words and paradigms of being entitled as an achiever and trendsetter in world wrestling entertainment. The rated-r superstar grew up with his single parent mother in a thrashed and marginalized
apartment in Orangeville (a tiny Ontario town). From his early times he recalls of him being a passionate sportsman aspired to play as a Toronto Maple Leaf’s player and an addict of having the experience of amassing an impressive and expensive accumulation
of custom-made and signed guitars of many renowned players. Edge has a wholesome significance of a deteriorated life as a child and the depiction of that very “black cloud” of the rated-r superstar’s life on a very minute scale was the death of his uncle in
car accident, whom he most admired and embraced. The impact of the very cloud and several adversities which confronted his life to a nowhere platform and took Edge to the limits of mental deprivation. The life of the rated-r superstar was in an upheaval.

The adverse time was really giving way to his inspirational and influential roots to the limit of expansion where he saw himself in the highlights. A determined one, he mantled the invoking of hard times and deviated them into enchanting and passionate ones
as he used to watch the mantra man with his magic being spelled in the crowd and abstract force moving through the set platforms, the hulk Hogan was a visible and possible fantasy for him to watch at Wrestle Mania VI where he faced the ultimate warrior in
the ultimate challenge. The rated-r superstar vowed the yellow and red-clad form of hulk Hogan and created a milieu of headlining the wrestle mania someday.

The high school fellows knew that Edge has in store for his future the word greatness at some level and were also aware of the fact that he used to depict it many ways when he was a kid. The fellows came to know much better about it when they received the
news that Edge was selected for the free wrestling training after winning an essay contest in the
Toronto star. The trainers who had been giving training to Edge and his fellow trainees were only able to experience the absolute distinct skills and agility Edge had in ring on the independent circuits.

It was until the comprehension which was not clear to them as Edge was affirmative to carry on the “winter death tours “which were a relevancy of their name on the north Canadian lakes. The rated-r superstar as a young wrestler went on with only having canned
tunas for days at a stretch, simply for the sake of wrestling at the poorly attended venues.

Accentuation of his acts and initiatives in the wrestling and his passion to write it on the highlight in a much better modified way, Edge was converged and recommended by the fellow Canadian Bret”hit man” Hart to step in the arena with a will to make it
real and fact in June 1998 as he made his debut in WWE. A belief about him was there that he may not last as a wrestler in the ring for long but he diverted the statement into a one which stated the matter of him being the achiever. The scenario of Edge went
on with many ups and downs and Edge was apprehended and marked as the phenomenal one due to his flawless and multitude of risks and mind boggling moves and injuries in the well know TLC (tables, ladders and chairs) matches.

Edge won the world heavyweight championship with an astounding effort to retain it, his wife Vickie Guerrero acting as the stake holder of the non-composite procession of Smack Down was good support for Edge but as she got shifted from Smack Down to Raw
thing started to mumble a bit for Edge. The effort proved to be a fatal one for the rated-r superstar as he lost the title to Jeff Hardy and suddenly CM punk went in the drive to cash his money in the bank opportunity and drove away the scenario and attain
the title, thus succeeded.

The rated-r superstar now is thrusting himself for the quest to have the gold all alone. The declined wrath of time took Edge to a period of abstinence from the wrestling career. Edge suffered an Achilles tendon injury after the capturing of unified tag
team championship with Chris Jericho. In 2010 the rated-r superstar returned to the scenario with a humungous burst and won the royal rumble.  

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