The Bs of chess

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The Bs of chess

If you are having problems understanding chess because of all the sophisticated terminologies that they use, you need not worry any more. It really is simple once you get the hand of it. In order to acquaint you with the chess terms, we will be explaining
all the important ones starting with the letter B. So gear up for a fun ride in the world of chess Bs.

How about if we tell you what B stands for? It’s a symbol for a chess piece. Yes, you guessed it right. It is used to record moves in chess that are made by the bishop. Now come onto the Back rank. This one is also as plain as it sounds. It is the first
rank or row of a player, making it the opponent’s eighth rank. Lets see what adding another word to this term makes it. A Back-rank mate is when you checkmate the opponent’s king on his back-rank by either your rook or queen. The king has nowhere to move because
it is blocked by friendly pieces on the second rank. Another variation of this term is the Back-rank weakness. In this situation, the king can be checkmated by a Back-rank mate if its rook isn’t around to avoid it because no escape route for the king could
be developed, neither is there time to make one. There is one more important ‘back’ term that is left. It is the Backward pawn. This pawn is the one that has not been able to advance and therefore, is left behind other pawns of the same color.

Moving on to the other Bs of chess, let’s talk about a bishop that is bad. You guessed it right, this one is called the Bad bishop. Its worthlessness is based upon the fact that it is trapped behind a player’s own pawns in such a way that its mobility is
severely restricted. This brings us to the Battery. This is a position king and the piece to be removed should be aligned along the same file, diagonal or rank for a battery to form. There is another B position that offers an advantage to the player. It is
called the Bind. A Bind is when a player has a strong position which makes it difficult for the opponent to break. The best binds are made by strong pawn chains and advanced pawns.

 Coming on to more interesting terms now, we’ll first tell you what a Blindfold chess is. It is exactly what it sounds like. Blindfold chess is a form of chess in which the players play the game without looking at the board. Another chess variation is the
Blitz chess. It is a relatively new addition to make chess more exciting. In Blitz chess, each player has three to five minutes to play the entire game. As opposed to the Blitz, we also have a Blockade. It is the placement of a less important piece in front
of the opponent’s pawn. Doing this stops the pawn from advancing and threatening one’s own pieces. Often in making such tactical moves, a player commits a Blunder. Yes, this one is the same everywhere: a very, very bad move.           

We will end with a Bye. This one im afraid is not what it sounds like. A Bye is a round in the tournament consisting of an odd number of players, so that one player is not matched against any opponent.

These were the more important Bs of chess. After going through this, you should be equipped to develop a deeper understanding of chess and how it works. Have a good time playing the game.

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