Wong Tat Meng controversy

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Wong Tat Meng controversy

There came a twist in the story when Indonesian badminton association told that they even don’t know Wong tat Meng. Formerly Wong Tat Meng was found saying in a press conference that he would soon be leaving Malaysia and be joining Indonesia as a new coach.
It was also reported in the Malaysian media a day before that Wong Tat Meng, the women’s singles coach, has made up his mind to shift his coaching skills from Malaysia to Indonesia.

Wong Tat Meng himself was found saying that he is seeing a great career in front of him in Indonesia. He told a news agency that he is keen to join Indonesia as it will open up his coaching career and to extend his coaching knowledge he needs more and more
experience. By joining a new country as a coach, he will meet new challenges in new arenas that would lift up his career. He said that he has talked to Li Mao with whom he has worked earlier in Malaysia. And soon he will be joining him in Indonesia. Li Mao
is the former national coach in Malaysia is now the coach in Indonesia. Wong Tat Meng added that the company of Li Mao will help him a lot in settling down there. Indonesia being one of the emerging names in the badminton arena will teach him plenty in the
coaching field.

While on the other hand there was a totally opposite reaction when was asked from the Indonesian officials about the appointment if Wong Tat Meng. The media in Indonesia has been reporting that the Malaysian coach might get a surprise in Indonesia as no
contact is ready for another outsider. The Indonesian badminton association (PBSI) also told the reporters that it had not hired any other foreigner player as yet nor it has planned so. The deputy chairman of PBSI, I Gusti Made Oka went even to say that statement
that he even do not know Wong Tat. He further added that at any of the meeting none of the official even discussed about the appointment of Wong Tat. He said that Wong might have been approached by any local club and he has given his accent. But there is no
vacant space for any foreigner any more. Some body might have supposedly taken it wrong.

Now the media is eager to know the point of view of Wong Tat Meng. As he had held a press conference and he had even told tat he had dispatched a resignation letter to the Malaysian authority about his leaving the job and joining Indonesian national squad. 
If the case is so as announced by the deputy chairman of PBSI then it would be a shame for the Malaysian legend. And there are also rumours that he might lose both the jobs after this.

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