Volleyball update: Inside scoop of annual meeting of Nicaragua Volleyball Federation

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Volleyball update: Inside scoop of annual meeting of Nicaragua Volleyball Federation 

The Nicaragua Volleyball Federation spent another year in the development of its volleyball and beach volleyball teams. The men’s and women’s teams from Nicaragua took part in various international events and struggled to gain recognition among the strong
teams of the world. At the end of year 2010, the Nicaraguan Volleyball Federation held its annual meeting and presented the end of year report. The other affiliated association were also present at the meeting. The meeting was supervised by Mrs. Bertha Cuadra
and it was organised at the Barcelo Managua Hotel. The complete report of 2010 activities was represented by Mrs. Cuadra.

The report included summery of all the national and international events, and the training courses and other related activities. Moreover, the report said about the other development ventures of Nicaragua Volleyball Federation. In the special address, Mrs
Cuadra complimented the enormous support of NORCECA. She especially took out the name of NORCECA’s President, Mr. Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, in order pay gratitude.

In addition, the Nicaragua Volleyball Federation presented awards to the most outstanding players. In the year 2010, Miryam Blandino, Alexander Navarrete, Lolette Rodriguez and Jorge Toledo put up a great effort to bring a good name to the country. The Federation
recognised their good work and honoured them different awards. Nonetheless, Mrs. Cuadra urged the players to further improve their game for upcoming events in 2011. In the meanwhile, she also stressed the efforts of coaches of different teams, who trained
the players and guided them through tough situations.

Taking an opportunity, Mr. Rene Quintana, of the Technical and Referee Commission, presented another report to the members. This report was compiled with the various suggestions and recommendations for the development of volleyball at local level. The information
was received by the management with keen interest.

Likewise, different other reports on various matters were also presented by the Nicaragua Volleyball Federation personnel.

The most important issue of the agenda was the plan for running 2011 season. The players and coaches of the volleyball and beach volleyball teams were assigned new goals.

There will be a lot of challenging events in 2011 and God knows one of them might be the lucky chance for Nicaragua to shine on the scene.

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