Wilson has been confirmed as the official ball of NVL

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Wilson has been confirmed as the official ball of NVL

The American National Volleyball League (NVL) recently announced that Wilson will be used as the official ball for all volleyball matches of the NVL. The agreement has been signed by both parties and the new NVL ball by Wilson will be rolling over the net
from September, 2011. Wilson is a Chicago-based company, which is considered one of the leading sports equipment manufacturing companies in the world. They manufacture balls for a number of other mainstream sports such as Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer,
Golf and Tennis. In addition to balls, they manufacture other sports goods and equipment.

In the light of recent sponsorship agreement between Wilson and National Volleyball League of America, all the in-door and out-door games of NVL will use the volleyball manufactured by Wilson company. Wilson has been in the sports business for years. They
not only manufacture sports equipment but they actually support the development of sports in country.

Wilson’s Global Business Manager for Volleyball, Enrico DiMario expressed delight about the agreement with National Volleyball League. He appreciated the development work done by NVL and took pride in becoming their right-hand supporter. Furthermore, he
assured that Wilson will provide NVL with the best volleyball for all their events. On behalf of the company, Enrico concluded with following comments: “We look forward to an exciting inaugural season of the NVL, and continuing this partnership for many years
to come.”

Meanwhile the founder of National Volleyball League (NVL) of USA, Albert “AL-B” Hannemann said that NVL has a clear objective to become the premier domestic volleyball league in America. He appreciated the support of Wilson in achieving their goals. Hannemann
complimented Wilson in following manner. He stated: “Wilson has a reputation for excellence in the sport of volleyball. We are proud to offer our players and fans the best ball on the beach. This partnership with Wilson is a major step toward growing our league
for many years to come.”

With the support of Wilson, it is more likely that NVL will achieve its long-term goals. NVL has indeed found a great sponsor in the form Wilson.

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