The Mysterious appeal of the men in white- Part II

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The Mysterious appeal of the men in white- Part II

The biggest Casanovas can be found in the world of International cricket. England’s Ian “Beefy” Botham had a colourful history with women during the numerous tours in mid-eighties. His ventures seemed to have halted when an Australian waitress Kylie Verrells
revealed explicit e-mails and Beefy had to publicly issue an apology to his family.

Another English charmer Kevin Pietersen who was affectionately known as “Cheatersen” made headlines with a text dumping act. Pietersen is now married to Jessica Taylor who is a former member of British pop group Liberty X, and this is as close as cricket
can get to the Posh and Becks hoopla.

But everything is left behind when Aussie legendary spin bowler Shane Warne enters the list as he is known as the “God of extra-marital affairs.” Okay, I agree the last thing was made up but Google it and you will know how many flings he had. The latest
fling was when the world saw how he exchanged flirtatious wordings with affairs Guru herself, Liz Hurley on Twitter. Hurley went on to file for divorce from millionaire Arun Nayer after British tabloids unravelled photographs of the love birds kissing.

So what is the appeal of these flamboyant cricketers? Maybe it is the fact that they are alpha males in true sense or maybe they have the
mojo that Austin Powers talked about. Maybe the players still have the magic that they gather up on the field when they reach a milestone. They continue to ooze the swagger off the field as well. Or maybe the fact that the men have to stay away from
their families for a minimum of three months can also attribute to the reason that the long-legged blondes or brunettes are attracted to the men in crisp whites.

A perfect example of charming the ladies can be the Ashes. England’s cricket board banned the wives and girlfriends of English cricketers to accompany them on the Ashes tour to the land down under, citing the reason that the women from Venus would distract
them from the actual play.

The men were kept busy with a lot of match practices and Lamborghini rides so they did not have time to meet and greet the blonde Aussie girls. And the cricket board’s decision came in handy as the handsome and strong men from England gained an early advantage
when they won the second Test match to take a lead of 1-0.

But of course, they got distracted when their lovely wives and girlfriends along with children landed at Perth to join them for Christmas. The flurry of the women (and the children of course) distracted the English players and they slumped to a defeat. However,
the LBWs (Lovers, Belles, and Wives) were kept at bay as they raked in the Aussie sun to get a perfect tan and men from Mars flexed their muscles in the ongoing fourth Test at Melbourne.

Still the question remains what is it about the men in white? Maybe the answer is Hugh Grant. Yes, he is the missing link. Grant was Hurley’s ex-boyfriend and most recently used to date Jemima Khan, who in turn was the ex-wife of legendary Pakistani cricket
player, Imran Khan who interestingly still wears crisp white clothes.

Grant exudes the personality of a cricketer to the T. He is educated with a tinge of kinky dirtiness to his sense of humour, has a nice mysterious smile and a very posh voice. His lanky, lean posture along with the strong loping gait charms his way to the
ladies’ hearts.

This is why the game is known as the gentleman’s sport. Even when a cricketer decides to run away, it is still charming. If only he was galloping on a horse, it could have been the perfect romantic scene of every girl’s dream.


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