Black Sticks Men trounce India in nine-a-side Lanco International Super Series: Match Analysis

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Black Sticks Men trounce India in the nine-a-side Lanco International Super Series: Match Analysis

New Zealand’s men hockey team got off to an excellent start in the maiden version of the nine-a-side Lanco International Super Series, overpowering India by 6-3, at the Perth Hockey Stadium, Australia, on October 21.

Conversely, the Indian team paid the price in the new fast-paced hockey format, as it failed to put up a competitive game against the Black Sticks.

A hat-trick by Stephen Jenness stirred New Zealand to a heavy-margin victory against the Indian team.

The Indian team, led by Bharat Chetri, failed to cast off its old strategies of slow passing and moves. On the other hand, the Kiwis were well aware of the speedy game.

The Black Sticks were in action right from the very beginning of the match, accomplishing back to back attacks against India.

The extensive strikes paid New Zealand off in terms of opening goals that helped them in establishing their dominance over the field.

A large gathering of Indians became frustrated over the results of the 30-minute play. They wanted to witness a game full of action and thrill that they did not get to see from the Indian side.

However, the Kiwis did not disappoint their fans by scoring back to back goals in a very short period. The Indians appeared to be under pressure after they conceded the goals in the early minutes of the first half.

With six minutes into the play, Stephen Jenness scored the first goal of the game, overcoming the otherwise attentive defenseman, Majit Kullu, at the flank.

In a matter of few seconds Blair Hilton availed an opportunity, sending a reverse flick into the goal. In the later time, Ben Collier drove the ball to the top of the circle, dodging a couple of defenders to tap it right into the goal.

Although Bharat Chetri found a chance to decrease the advantage, his shot went wide.

In the 12th minute of the mark, Danish Mujtaba (India) latched onto Sardara Singh through a pass to drill home a powerful shot at the corner of the goal, reducing the lead down to 4-1.

The Indians still required three goals to reduce the deficit at the halftime.

With two minutes into the second round, veteran drag-flicker, Sardara Singh, scored off a short corner, making a reduction of two goals in the Black Sticks’ edge, 4-2.

In the 24th minute, Ravi Pal accounted for a goal to take the game very close. But the Indians failed to uphold the pace, conceding two back to back goals in the waning minutes.

Stephen Jenness notched the last two goals and sealed the victory for New Zealand at 6-3 in their first assignment of the Lanco International Super Series.

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