Carl Baxter is anxious to play in Summer Olympics of 2012–Badminton

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Carl Baxter is anxious to play in Summer Olympics of 2012–Badminton

Carl Baxter, who was born in Canada and then moved permanently to Britain, is currently working hard to prove his abilities. He is keen to improve his ranking from 35th to some
higher position. But apart from the courage and confidence of the young player, it would be unfair to doubt the performance of Ouseph.  Ouseph who has turned 25 has currently clutched the 14th spot in the rankings and is working hard to excel. The
up and coming qualifications rounds are going to be the major trials of his abilities. As after the trials he will be selected for the 2012 Olympics. The trials session would start in May. He is to date the best hope of England in the men’s singles category.
He has also beaten Carl Baxter in many events and the prominently completed his hat trick of defeating Baxter in three years in the English National Championships.

Rajiv Ouseph is the future of badminton for England.  England is hoping that if he performed well enough in the upcoming tournaments then England may shine in the badminton arena. But
on the contrary there came an opposite view from another player, Carl Baxter. Carl Baxter is currently the number 35 in the rankings. He is still 17 only and has very aggressively pronounced that he is eager to give a tough time to the senior player Ouseph.
He added that he will prove the Britain Badminton association that he should be considered for the 2012 Olympics in London.

Baxter said that the coming one and half year would be troublesome for Ouseph and he will be uneasy in his predictions of winning as to perfection. He will keep on day dreaming but the
results would be in Baxter’s favour. Baxter added that though he has lost to Ouseph for three successive years but one good aspect is that they both are backing up each other in the training sessions. I am trying my utmost to cover the performance distance
between me and Ouseph and this will need a lot of hard work and more patience. He said that now he is planning long term policies for improvement and the training is the only parameter to cover up the short comings. He hoped that soon he will be playing big
tournaments of the world like World Championships and the Olympics.

Baxter and Ouseph had played as duo in the Commonwealth Games and won a bronze medal for their country. In the same tournament, Ouseph had won a silver medal reaching the finals and Baxter
had managed to reach the quarter finals. These are some of the signs that arouse his abilities to perform better and better for his country. Baxter was found saying that as he moved from Canada to London, it does not mean he is not a Britain. His loyalties
are very much attached to England and he will try his best to make his country proud of him in the Olympics. He further added that Olympics comes after every four years and to play in the Olympics is the peak of any players’ talent.  He is curiously looking
forward to the event and hopes of some better results for his country in the Olympics. Though it’s difficult to perform in the native country as the pressure is on the player because of the hopes of the country men are attached to the player. He will try to
overcome that pressure and will try to play his game. 


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