The Best Rated La Liga Striker – Part 3

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The Best Rated La Liga Striker – Part 3

Article Continued from Part 2.


Luis Fabiano

Luis Fabiano is the second Brazilian on the list and miraculously he is another player who had a devastating run in French football.

As with Fabiano it was moving from Ponte Preta to Rennes that resulted in a very drastic and difficult change for the athlete and then he returned to his home team, Sao Paulo.

This was a difficult time for Fabiano but then a move to Sevilla in the coming season was all that this player needed to defy all the odds and become as one of the best strikers out there.

This Brazilian has played five very fruitful and lucrative seasons in Sevilla and has had a scoring rate of one goal in every two games. This rate comes from the last two hundred games played with the club.

Luis Fabiano is a very gifted finisher pace, technical abilities and a lot of power. He has also grown as a player since his days when he joined Sevilla and has signed another contract with them even though a lot of Europe’s top rated clubs had their eyes
on him.

Fabiano plays with the tremendously talented Fredi Kanoute in the sun setting years of his career. Right now, it is believed that Negredo and Fabiano are Sevilla’s future.

Fernando Llorente

Nicknamed as El Rey Leon is six feet and five inches tall who provides one of the biggest threats on the football field for his opponents on the pitch.

Fernando Llorente is one of La Liga’s top player and this French player had great advantage because of his height, varying technical abilities and a lot of aerial abilities. He is considered to be a deadly force at the front of the pitch.

It took the French man a lot of time to make the first team squad cut in Wigan Athletic and since then has continued to improve his performances drastically.

Llorente has become the star striker of the club that keeps setting new peaks for themselves and their trasck record is just astonishing.

Last season this player scored nine goals in the Europa League and thirteen goals in the La Liga and Llorente was also a part of the Spanish World Cup squad in South Africa.

Diego Forlan

This may be a bit difficult to believe that the player that won the World Cup’s Golden ball and is recognized as the competition’s best player had to struggle so long to score his first Manchester United’s goal.

Though Forlan had to struggle with the Red Devils but he has come a long way from there and has been the best striker in the English premier league for several years.  

Diego Forlan’s record in Spain had been nothing short of amazing, as the goals scored by him go in the order: twenty five, twenty one, thirty five, thirteen and then twenty eight.

These are the statistics for the Uruguayan from the last five seasons in the La Liga with both Atletico and Villarreal.

This also makes people think what this player could have done if he was a part of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

 Diego Forlan is thirty one years old right now and has the opportunity to make a lot of money with a move to the European giants. Most football pundits believe that if ever this move was to be made, then right now is the time, right after
the World Cup exploits.

Article Continued In Part 4.


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