Fernando Alonso happy with the updates Ferrari made to their new car 150th Italia – Formula 1

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Fernando Alonso happy with the updates Ferrari made to their new car 150th Italia – Formula 1

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso has recently stated that the final update-package for Ferrari’s 150th Italia was a success and it is going to make the car more reliable as a result.

Alonso was able to score 140 laps on his first day test session in the upgraded Ferrari at the final pre-season test session, that is currently taking place in Barcelona. The team mainly focused on their new car’s aerodynamics in the morning before a race
simulation in the afternoon. The new Ferrari car has featured a new flat exhaust system which is similar to Red Bull Racing Team’s along with some improvements to the car’s aerodynamics.

“Once again, the car has proved to be very reliable, which is always good news. The updates that the team prepared for this last test have improved the handling of the car and today we managed to do a good simulation of a grand prix weekend, with reasonable
lap times,” Alonso said.

However, he is not sure where the new Ferrari stands in terms of pace as compared to its rivals. Fortunately, Ferrari is not going through any reliability issues therefore the team is completely focused on improving its pace.

He added that it is not possible to compare themselves with their rivals based on the results of the pre-season test sessions as each team has its own criteria of testing. The teams never aim for good times during the pre-season test sessions as they try
to get rid of the problems with the car and produce the perfect car before the season opening race.

Ferrari had a pretty good 2010 Formula 1 season as Fernando Alonso was able to finish in 2nd place in the drivers’ standings, just 4 points behind the 2010 Formula 1 Champion Sebastian Vettel.

Ferrari was unable to give a good statistical constructors’ performance as the 2010 Ferrari and the 2010 Bridgestone tyres did not suit Felipe Massa’s driving style, as a result of which he was unable to score good points consistently, disabling the team
from giving a good overall statistical performance in the constructors’ standings.

“Right from the start of these tests, we have always concentrated on our own work, trying to improve the car and be reliable: how clever we have been, we will see in two weeks time,” stated the 2-time World Champion.

Nevertheless, the team is confident about their 2011 run as they are aiming for nothing less than the titles this time and after looking at their pre-season test session results, it seems that they have a pretty reliable and fast car which suites both Fernando
Alonso and Felipe Massa.

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