Dietrich Mateschitz: “Sebastian Vettel can leave before 2015, if he wants to”

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Dietrich Mateschitz: “Sebastian Vettel can leave before 2015, if he wants to”

Vettel, the star driver of Red Bull made a statement to the media that he is contemplating leaving Red Bull at the end of the 2014 season.  In response to this, Dietrich Mateschitz, the owner of the team recently said that he would not stand in Vettel’s
way, and will go with his decision. 

The world champion has signed a four years contract with the Red Bull, but Mateschitz said, “If we cannot give Sebastian Vettel what he needs and he asks us despite his contract, I cannot imagine that we would not agree.”

During the test sessions, Vettel expressed his desires to move to other Formula 1 teams, which included Ferrari and Mercedes GP. Mateschitz is not concerned over losing Vettel and is quoted saying, “There is probably no top team from whom Sebastian has not
received any offer, so it is wrong to think he wants to go and only we want to keep him.”

Other than Mateschitz, Helmut Marko (Red Bull motorsport advisor) commented on Vettel’s new deal, “It was in mutual agreement that we extended Sebastian’s contract to 2014. Both sides wanted to continue the partnership, so it was no big issue.”

Red Bull declared after the winter testing that Vettel is the technical driver of the team as he has learned all the new features of the RB7 car, during the test sessions. However, according to his testing performance, it clearly shows that he worked exceptionally
hard and invested all his efforts on the 2011 cars, as a result of which he has posted the top scores.

The team is confident they will be a a successful session with Vettel this season.

On the other hand, Red Bull have extended the contract period of the senior technical professional, Adrian Newey the RB7 car designer.

Before the pre-season tests began, Vettel indicated to the media that this season would be more difficult than the last, because last season they were fighting for the title, and this season they have to fight to defend it and ensure they retain the title. 

With the experience, knowledge and professionalism of his team mate Mark Webber, he is confident they will have a good season and retain the crown.

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