State of Minnesota considering adding slot machines to Canterbury Park and Running Aces

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State of Minnesota considering adding slot machines to Canterbury Park and Running Aces

The state of Minnesota just recently saw a proposal related to the horse racing industry get under discussion for the first time during this session. The proposal deals with the possibility of adding gambling that would be similar to that done in the casinos.
However, these units would not be operating individually but will work in collaboration with the race tracks already operational in the state of Minnesota.  

According to the proposal, the gambling units should be allowed to operate alongside at least two of the race tracks in the state of Minnesota. The two race tracks that have been pointed out in the proposal for the purpose of adding a racino to their facilities
are Canterbury Park as well as Running Aces. Canterbury is located in the region of Shakopee whereas Running Aces is situated in Columbus. It is estimated by the proponents of the proposal that the venture of adding slot machines at these two race tracks would
generate a large amount of revenue of approximately $250 million.

The horse racing industry of the entire nation has been facing adverse circumstances due to the recession that hit in the years gone by. Not only did the recession affect the cash flows of the horse racing industry, the already decreasing demand of the sport
from the younger crowd also had major impact. Many race tracks in various states closed down because of costs increasing the revenues. For this purpose, the people of the horse racing industry have been trying their level best to introduce other options such
as slot machines, off track betting and internet poker etcetera. The states which have given allowance for such alternatives have seen an improvement in the revenues generated by the struggling race tracks.  

It is not the first time that an attempt has been made in the state of Minnesota to allow a racino to be operational. Supporters of the gambling proposal have been trying to figure out a way to make it easier for the state legislators to give permission
to such a measure for the past several years. However, they have not been able to make it into a reality so far.

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