Sebastian Hallen and Jonathan Cowan won the Voice of Table Tennis Contest

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Sebastian Hallen and Jonathan Cowan won the Voice of Table Tennis Contest

The Voice of Table Tennis was a competition that gave audience a chance to reveal their commentating skills on a pre-recorded match and submit it to them directly. Two Europeans have managed to impress the organising committee as Sebastian Hallen of Germany
and Ireland’s Jonathan Cowan have won the competition.

Both the participants and the future ITTF commentators shared their joy for being part of the dream team as Sebastian mentioned it was the middle of the night because of time difference in Germany when he received the confirmation email.  He stated that
feeling of winning the contest was the best feeling for him and it was almost like winning the World Team Cup as he told ITTF.Com.

The second winner of the contest Hallen shared his point of view as he briefed that he has always been the one explaining the game to his friends who do not follow the sport as much. He also explains that how a commentator needs an eye for detail to spot
“a faint wrist movement, a small timing adjustment or spin variation”, as he said.

Table Tennis fans from across the globe participated in the event as ITTF was hunting for the new voice of table tennis and the two male candidates have been finalised as the winners of the contest. The gentlemen will now be given the opportunity to cast
their voice at the Liebherr 2011 World Team Cup as they will be accompanied by Don Parker who is the official ITTF commentator.

ITTF marketing manager Steve Dainton believes that finding the right candidate was a tough job and the two most deserving candidates have been given the breaks as he said, “It truly was a difficult job to find the best so we decided to give two exceptional
candidates an opportunity.” He thanked all the participants and also congratulated the winners of the contest as he said, “My congratulations go to Sebastian and Jonathan, we wish them the best of luck in their debut and who knows; they may even join our team
of professional table tennis commentators.”

Both Jonathan and Sebastian will now travel to Germany where they will be seen live in action commentating during the Liebherr World Team Cup scheduled from November 3rd to 6th, 2011.

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