Day-3 of X Women’s Pan American Volleyball Cup – Volleyball News

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Day-3 of X Women’s Pan American Volleyball Cup – Volleyball News

Women’s National Volleyball Team of Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Canada remained successful on the third day of 2011 X Women’s Pan American Volleyball Cup in Pool A. The tournament was officially kicked off on Friday, July 01 and it is supposed to complete
its run on coming Saturday, July 9. The first round of the competition is underway in full swing and participants are vying for berths in the Final Round of the tournament. A total of 12 teams are on board, which have been divided into two pools. Republic,
Canada, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico are playing under the label of Pool ‘A’ teams. Third day of the tournament featured three matches in Pool B, where Caribbean ladies from Cuba, Dominican Republic and Canada clinched success.

Cuba vs. Chile 3-0 (25-10, 25-10, and 25-14)

The Cuban team is staying on the winning rout since the start of this competition. They pulled off success in the first two matches and defeated Chile on third day of the tournament. They perfectly extend their lead to 3-0. The Colegio de Bachilleres Gymansium
in Juarez, Mexico hosted the match on Sunday, July 3. A good number of volleyball enthusiasts came to watch the live action of volleyball.

Cubans came up with a fine plan against Chilean team. They were generally considered more experienced side, while Chile was strongly tagged as underdog in the competition. Cuban ladies started out really well and served powerfully. They hit the ball in right
directions and promptly dragged opponents under the clouds of uncertainty. Cuba picked up lead and difference of points stretched out swiftly. Chilean side collapsed in the opening set after scoring just 10 points.

After securing the first set, Cuba brought more ferocity in attack in the following set. Meanwhile, Chilean players struggled to find their feet and improved on reception. Nonetheless, Caribbean team had the advantage of solid defence, which hardly allowed
Chile to go up on scoreboard. Second set progressed in the same fashion and Cuba finished on the podium by repeating 25-10 win.

Team Chile paid more attention to the movement of ball and managed to create a little spark on the scene. Their performance comparatively improved in third set but still it was not something worrying for Cuba. Chile took the score to 14 points but Cuba hit
the finish line and posted straight set victory over Chile.

Dominican Republic vs. Argentina 3-0 (25-23, 25-20, 25-19)

The second match of the day featured teams from Dominican Republic and Argentina. Both teams had international exposure and staged a cracking fight. The first set of the match was full of ups and downs. Both teams regularly traded lead and struggled to finish
the set in first place. However, Dominican Republic claimed opening set with a small margin of two points.

The early win boosted DR players to further dominate the opponents. Argentinean women put up a good effort in second set but couldn’t get out blues. They made hasty moves and committed unforced mistakes, which led them to the loss of another set. Dominican
Republic was in-charge of the operations in third set of the game. They proved to be better side in all respects of the game and announced match victory following success in third set.

Canada vs. Mexico 3-0 (25-18, 25-15, 25-18)

The last match of day in Pool A brought the Canadian team in front of host Mexico. The home side was equipped with emotional support of local fans but it didn’t work out any good for native girls. Canadian team outshone home squad in straight sets and celebrated
their first victory of the tournament.

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