Russell Martin ready for knee challenge with New York Yankees

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Russell Martin likely to start spring training.

Catcher Russell Martin will get his right knee tested at the Yankees’ Minor League complex in Tampa, Florida and is likely to start the spring training.

The player recently had a surgery undergone on his injured knee. It appears the former Los Angeles Dodgers’ player will be moving in for the test soon, before spring training kicks off on Monday.

Martin will return to catching practice on Wednesday and that will be the first time he would do so after having his meniscus tear in knee repaired. He told the press that he’d be prepared for the challenge. He highlighted that his knee was not at its optimal
level and there was still some work left to be done to get back into shape.

Martin will fall behind most of his new teammates if he’s unable to join the spring training in time. However he will be more concerned about his condition. The two-time National League All Star player has been involved in batting practice at the Yankees’
Himes Avenue complex.

Last season marked one of the most awkward records for the player as Martin was only able to feature in 97 games, averaging .248 with the bat, while plucking out 26 Runs Batted In. His tenure with the Dodgers did not come up to his expectation but now his
shift to the Bronx should complicate his situation at the helm. The player will hope to start off in the mix when the season starts in April. Yanks general manager Brian Cashman has backed the catcher up as well. Russell broke his right hip last August.

“Even before I hurt my knee, my hip was doing pretty good,” Martin said. “I’m not really concerned with my hip. Obviously with the knee I had to take it easy on my whole right side, so my goal from now until the season is to strengthen that right side.”
With Russell’s returning, the situation could spell good luck for the Yankees when the season kicks off. “I wasn’t getting into the ring and fighting guys. It was more how they condition,” Martin observed.

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