Revamping the match’s environment – Part 3

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This is the third and final part of the sequel regarding the suggestions and ideas to improve the over-all snooker match experience. In the first part the need of post and pre-match activities were focused and suggestions were
made from a fans’ and audience’s perspective, whereas in the second part the need of better venue experience and mid-session activities were brought under the light.

This third and final part of the treatise will shed light on another yet an important factor that can ultimately improve the over-all match experience. ‘The merchandise’ for sale at the venue can doubtlessly give people the opportunity
to stay at the venue and buy souvenirs.

The merchandising sector can be further ruptured into different segments.

Garments – Surely there is a lot of room for more creative and innovative clothing material for sale on the venue, despite T-shirts bearing ‘I love snooker’ and some corporate clothing material. Presently there
are very few clothing items for merchandising available for the fans.

Themed and specifically designed T-shirts would do the job, for instance a T-shirt with images of ‘the big four’ imprinted on it or T-shirts with individual players on them would be a great thing to see. Many remember the rocket’s
fastest 147, as after he did it two teens came rushing to shake hands with their favorite snooker player. Ring any bells? Yes, they were wearing T-shirts with ‘we love Ronnie’ imprinted on them. However, T-shirts with innovative lines and players’ image should
be available for the fans on the venue.

DVD’s and Visual aid – As there are hundreds of thousands of snooker fans out there who want to re-watch the classic and most memorable snooker matches and events. However there is very little material available
on the internet or otherwise. For instance, when it comes to snooker there is almost nothing you can buy, however you can get your hands on almost every match in the history of Tennis, Football or Formula-1.

To one’s bewilderment there is nothing available even on the world snooker championships, which is the most coveted and prestigious ranking event of the sport. Efforts are need to be made in this regard, as this can turn out to
be a successful market niche.

DVD’s of all the classic and memorable matches alongside finals of all ranking events, crunch matches between famous players, 147’s, most memorable moments, funny moments and controversies can be compiled and made available for
the audience to purchase and watch in their leisure time. For instance ‘the thirty years of embassy snooker’ DVD was released in 2005, and it turned out to be a great success. Fans all over the world create a great demand for such material to be available
in the form of visual aid.

Written Material – Surely amid all the technological advancements and specially the availability of internet, this idea might sound a little dull but however a bi-annual or annual magazine can add a great deal
to the world snooker scene.

A magazine with player profiles, top players of the season, upcoming starts, most interesting happenings on the green baize, can be an interesting read for snooker fans across the globe. This literature can be available to receive
by post, so the fans in different parts of the world and with less  or no access to internet can take advantage out of it.

Again if one looks at it in contrast with other sports it becomes obvious that there is a great need of such an initiative. All this material available at the match venues can add much more to the exhibition and over-all venue

Random Material – A large amount of small but useful items can be made available for sale at the venue, For instance, pens, wallets, signed snooker cues and balls, mugs with players and different logos imprinted
on them.

Again such items can be found on some venues but they are much more formal and uninteresting, so a variety of these items and surely with a different and innovative approach can enlighten the presentation of the venue.

It will provide the fans with opportunity to have fun and get involved in activities while the match is on halt due to the mid-session intervals giving way to a memorable and satisfying over-all match and venue experience.





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