Matt Ryan puts an end to tanuting controversy, says accusation against Suh, Avril false – NFL news

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The controversy of Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback, being taunted by Suh and Avril of Detroit Lions eventually came to an end when Ryan denied Tuesday that he did not hear any kind of taunting from any of the players of Detroit Lions. The controversy
arose when Ryan suffered ankle injury during the game against Detroit Lions which Falcons lost by 23-16.

Matt Ryan clarified that he did not hear anything that amounted to taunting, as it is being stated in news about Suh and Avril. He said that he was minding his own business while lying on the ground and got back to the game shortly after the incident happened.
Speaking about the issue, Matt Ryan cleared Suh and Avril of any wrongdoing, putting an end to all the media hype about the Falcons’ quaterback.

“There are always dumb things that are said on the field week in and week out. Our team has done it, too.” Ryan said.

Falcons’ centre Todd McClure and receiver Roddy White touched off а firestorm on Sunday when they accused Lions defensive linemen Cliff Avril and Ndamukong Suh of taunting their teammate Ryan when he suffered ankle injury after being stepped by his own offensive
lineman and had to leave the field shortly which initially looked like а serious injury.

“I lost a whole lot of respect for 90 [Suh] today, and also 92 [Avril],” White said after the game. “The [expletive] they were doing when Matt got hurt, that was unacceptable. … Like 92 was kicking [Ryan’s] feet, saying, ‘Get him off the field.’ We don’t
do stuff like that. We don’t rally over guys when they get hurt. It was just inappropriate behavior. I mean, ‘Get the cart’? Are you serious? Come on. When you compete, you never want to see a guy get hurt.”

After the allegations made against Avril and Suh, both the players denied the fact that they taunted Ryan after his injury. Further, Suh told that what happened to Ryаn was karma to which Falcons called dirty play.

When Ryan was asked about Suh as if he thought him a dirty player, he responded by saying that he is a good player.

Ryan also told that he would have played the next match this Sunday if his team did not have a bye in the season. This shows he is perfectly fit and the injury was not that much serious as it looked initially.

This way, Ryan has avoided the Media to look more into this issue and exhibited that he does not want any game going on off the field and media exaggerating the issue.

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