Jeroen Boelen wins final stage, also takes the overall Crocodile Trophy 2011- Cycling News

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Jeroen Boelen wins final stage, also takes the overall Crocodile Trophy 2011- Cycling News

Milka-Trek Team’s Jeroen Boelen demonstrated powerful skills in the tenth and the final stage of the Crocodile Trophy 2011 on Thursday, October 27. Following ten days of intense racing, he was persistent in his effort and retained his overall leader’s yellow
jersey in Cooktown.

The 33-year-old Dutch rider took a total of 2 hours, 48 minutes and 42 seconds to cover the distance of 99 kilometres, through the rainforests.

Previously, Boelen bagged the sixth stage of Olympia’s Tour in 2008. He also won the first stage of Volta Ciclista Provincia Tarragona and the second stage along with the overall standing of Tour de Liege in 2005.

After finishing the stage, Boelen commented, “This victory is so important for me and for the team. The Crocodile Trophy has a big name in mountain bike community. It is important for my sponsors, too. Without sponsors we have no sport. I am glad I can give
them this victory”.

Josef Benedseder was in the runner-up’s spot with 6 seconds down to Boelen. Kevin Hulsmans of Darrell Lee-Donckers Koffie finished third with a difference of 9 seconds ahead of Mike Mulkens (Kipeo MTB).

Urs Huber got sick because of the terrible weather during the first two days of the race. Bart Brentjens also arrived sick in Cairns and did not start the race.

Boelen and Bart were strong riders and are known to race well together. After his withdrawal, it was hard for Boelen to ride alone but he was happy with his performance.

Graeme Arnott, Mark Griffin, Brad Davies, Ashley Hayat, Justin Morris, all of them performed well throughout the race and earned great respect from the Pro’s.

Christoph Sokoll, Chris Hellman and Bram Donckers (Darrell Lee-Donckers Koffie Cycling 1) were in fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth place, respectively.

Boelen also took the overall standing with a timing of 34:50:14 and Wolfgang Krenn was in second place with a difference of 56 minutes and 32 seconds.

Arnott Graeme (Subaru/ retained his overall Master 1 category ahead of Mark Griffin (Ashfield Cycles & Rockytrail).

The Australian cyclists Jessica Douglas secured the women’s category with a timing of 43 hours, 1 minute and 27 seconds ahead of Sharman Parr.

Extremely delighted at having won the Crocodile Trophy 20, Boelen added, “Many people told me that I am too social, or better not enough non-social to be professional road rider. But I don’t regret having become a mountain biker now”.

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