Volleyball Breaking News: Reft bid farewell to U.S. Men’s National Team

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Volleyball Breaking News: Reft bid farewell to U.S. Men’s National Team

Quite recently, the news has been released from the head quarters of USA Volleyball (USAV) in Colorado Springs, Colo. that Alfee Reft, the skilful libero of U.S. Men’s National Volleyball Team has decided to receive the golden handshake. Reft has officially
retired from U.S. Men’s National Team after spending four successful years. He joined the national team in 2006 and contributed to the overall progress of his team. Before joining at the national team, he also played at the University of Hawaii for two years.
Reft was actually transferred from the University of California Santa Barbara.  

Playing in the U.S Men’s National Team really brought him under the limelight. He worked out a great name while playing at libero’s position. He was the starting libero of U.S. Team in 2008 Pan American Cup. He played an instrumental role in the gold medal
match and enabled his team to finish on the podium. The same year, he was the alternate libero for the team, which competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The U.S. Olympic squad performed exquisitely well and clinched gold-ware. Reft was very well known for
his great defence tactics. In 2009-10, he remained with the U.S. team as a back-up libero. He also remained with the TCA Volleyball Program for about three years.

He has now opted for the position of assistant coach at the University of Minnesota. The Women’s Volleyball team will benefit from the experience of Reft. He will be joined the Hugh McCutcheon, the head coach of U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team following
the 2012 London Olympics. McCutcheon is supposed to take over the position of head coach at University of Minnesota on Sep. 1, 2012.

Meanwhile, Hugh MucCutcheon expressed his views about coaching skills of Reft. He stated: “Alfee was a great volleyball player, but he’s a better volleyball coach. I could not be happier with his decision to join the Gopher Volleyball coaching staff. The
knowledge and experience he brings will be invaluable.”

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