Indiana Pacers thrashed the Charlotte Bobcats

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Indiana Pacers thrashed the Charlotte Bobcats: Danny Granger made 33 points for the Indiana Pacers and pushed the side to a victory over the Charlotte Bobcats by 111-88. The game was played between the closest competitors of the season for
the Eastern Conference on Wednesday night.

Tyler Hansbrough made 24 points and Roy Hibbert added 13 points with 14 rebounds in the total for the Indiana. The Pacers are currently three games ahead of Bobcats and standing at 8th place by making a four-game season sweep. During the second quarter of
the hot shooter, Danny Granger played well and helped the side in getting rid of 12 points deficit. Granger added 25 points in just sixteen minutes greatly ruling the second and third quarters of the game.

D.J. Augustin made the top 17 points and Kwame Brown added 16 points with 9 rebounds for the Bobcats side; whereas the best scorer for the Bobcats Stephen Jackson didn’t play in his full momentum and added 11 points due to hamstring injury.

As the Charlotte had faced consecutive defeats from the Pacers before and the interim coach Frank Vogel was quite confident when the game was compared as an eliminating game and he said that we are quite hopeful to demonstrate a big success.

The recent victory has made the total of Pacer’s six consecutive triumphs over the Bobcats. Last month’s trade with Portland has heartbroken the side because they have lost All-Star Gerald Wallace. His absence from the game is prominent as the Bobcats have
been defeated in ten games out of last twelve games played. It is to be noted that Hansbrough has started coming out and Granger’s also commenced scoring, the Pacers have triumphed 2 straight games and five out of last seven games.

Indiana Pacers who have won five out of seven were also facing trouble before and had lost six consecutive games. The Bobcats had never executed more than four consecutive victories throughout the season. Now the upcoming games against the Sacramento and
Detroit in next two days will also be challenging for the Pacers. On the other side the Charlotte’s will be facing the Boston and the New York on Friday and Saturday nights.

Indian Pacers took benefits that night of Charlotte’s restricted scoring choice with Jackson hobbled. Jackson was injured twice in a week and even unfit till Wednesday morning but returned in the arena and shown his willingness in the afternoon. Jackson
movements and running in the game wasn’t pretty watching but he added some positive points and led the side by 38-26 in the early second quarter. Right after his exit from the game Charlotte started struggling in making more points.

The Pacers grasped an initial lead due to Granger’s 14 points in the second quarter of the game. When the Pacers took a hold over the third quarter, Granger had reached up to 28 points. The side also faced a scared when Darren was injured as a result of
a crash with Augustin after the halftime of the second quarter.

Since dealing Gerald Wallace, the Charlotte have been waiting for some outstanding games from the Boris Diaw and Henderson, as they haven’t proven even close to expectations. Similarly in the game all key players were lacking rhythm and have committed fouls
and missed various shots. Diaw was observed in regular passing up the easier shots for his team players.

Coach Paul Silas right away pulled out Diaw in the third quarter and never brought him again. Although he made a good attempt by throwing over the head, that was intercepted but resulted into Brandon Rush’s 3-pointer. Pacers’ 33-19 in the third quarter also
comprised a spiteful fall from the Charlotte’s Tyrus Thomas and after the injury he faced the locker room with hurt ribs and never back.

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