India Vs. Pakistan – ICC World Cup 2011 – The Boom Boom Semi-Final

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India Vs. Pakistan – ICC World Cup 2011 – The Boom Boom Semi-Final

Who will win the second semi-final of the ICC World Cup 2011 between the two arch rivals, India and Pakistan being staged at Mohali, India, today? The only talk in the two neighbouring countries, whether we go to a shop, the corner of the street, schools,
colleges, bus stops, cafes’, railway stations, airports or offices revolves around this match. Once you turn on any TV channel or Radio, the news or talk shows are only discussing that match. The Cricket diplomacy is on as the Prime Minister of Pakistan has
been invited by his counterpart in India to watch the match live. He has accepted the invitation with thanks and both will be present in the stadium during the match and back up their teams.

The ex-patriots of India and Pakistan across the globe are also impatient about the match. Arrangements have been made to witness the match in the cinema halls and get together parties have been arranged. Few lucky fans that were able to get match tickets
have flown to Mohali. The match tickets are being black marketed and as per media, a 500-Rupees ticket is being sold as much as for Rs. 50,000 while a ticket of Rs. 1000 has gone up to Rs. 1,50,000.

Hotels are full with no space available. There is a public announcement from the residents of Mohali that they will share a room of their house with guests from the other cities or abroad.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced half day leave in the country. All the offices will be closed after 12 noon and cinemas will be exhibiting the match live. Public parks and big restaurants will be showing the match on large screens and arrangements
have been made in the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, Pakistan for the live transmission of the match on the big screen with free entry for the public.

The same arrangements are being witnessed in India as well and the countdown for the match has already begun. There was heavy rain last night at Mohali and fears rose about the match but as per latest news, the weather is better with sunshine and hopefully
the match will commence on time.

There could be a traffic jam in the evening in the cities when the public will celebrate the victory of their teams. They will come out with the national flags. Music and dance will carry on until late in the night.

Both countries have been face to face four times in the World Cups since its inception in 1975. The first match was played on 4 March, 1992, the second on 9 March, 1996, the third on 8 June, 1999 and the fourth on 1 March, 2003. India was victorious on all
four occasions.

Pakistan was at the top of their Pool in group ’A’ by securing 10 points in six matches. They won five matches and lost one match. India got second position in group ‘B’ with nine points in six matches. They were victorious four times, lost one while one
match was tied.

Pakistan has performed better in the ongoing tournament as a team. The Indian players have performed better individually and Sachin Tendulkar holds the fifth position in batting by posting 379 runs in seven matches at an average of 54.14 runs with two centuries
and a fifty. Umar Akmal of Pakistan is their top scorer by scoring 211 runs in six matches at an average of 52.75 runs with a fifty and holds the 28th position in the tournament.

Pakistan has an upper hand in bowling as their Captain Shahid Afridi is the best wicket taker of the event with 21 wickets in seven matches and Zaheer Khan of India is holding number 3 spot with 17 wickets in seven matches.

The semi-final at Mohali is described as the mother of all games and the people of two countries have really gone crazy as they want their respective teams to win that match. They are not so much anxious about the Final to be played on 2nd of
April at Mumbai. Let’s witness one of the best matches of the ICC World Cup 2011 one hour from now!

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