Messi Broke Another Record

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On Tuesday night Barcelona defeated Shaktar at their home with an amazing Lionel Messi goal. The goal was of significant importance to the Argentinean wizard who has now broken the record of scoring highest goals by a single player in Catalan outfit.


It all started with a move generated by Messi and he was their at the end of the pass from Dani Alves to gently place the ball in the net. The goal was enough to give Barcelona a win and also to give Lionel Messi a record that he truly deserves. It was his
48th goal of the season that is now the higest individual score by a Barcelona player in a single season.


The record was previously held by Lionel Messi and Brazilian Ronaldo who both had previously scored 47 goals in a single season. Messi started the season on high by scoring a hatrick against Sevilla in Spanish Super Cup. The wizard didn’t stop there and
kept on scoring some of the most amazing goals the game has ever seen. His composure, his enigma and his character scared each and every opposition he played against. Although the record is broken against Shaktar, but no one had any doubt that he would not
be able to do it this season. Every time he played, he scored and what is amazing is that he scored his goals in a incredible way. His athleticism and feats with the ball have made it worth the time of fans around the world.


In the previous Messi came close to breaking the record when he scored an amazing 47 goals that led him to win FIFA Balandor award. With almost 10 games to spare, he already has crossed his last year tally and has stunned even the most critical of fans.
What was already thought of as the perfect season for him in 2009-10, already seems comparatively small when seen in the light of this year’s performance. He truly is going ways to break each and every possible individual record in the game.


Although one record is broken, Messi should keep his eye on even a bigger record. He is now just 10 short of becoming the highest goal scorer in a single season playing for a Spanish club. Furthermore he is just 9 short of becoming the highest scorer even
in the league. To put the heartbeats running, he also can become the first player ever to win Golden Ball in UEFA Champions League for three consecutive years. The way he is playing, it would not be a surprise that he would demolish all these previous records
and would reach the level where no player has ever reached.


All that said, Messi is still just 23. It seems unbelievable when we see the records he holds but the Argentinean has still a lot to play for. In the years to come, for a player of his talent and calliper, it is difficult to say what he will do and not do.
He is a kind of player who plays for the team and so when he breaks a record, it definitely stands for the whole team and it reflects that how good and crucial his performances are for the team.


Long way to go Messi!!!

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