Five-time Commonwealth gold medallist Alicia Coutts is determined for the next month’s world championship trials

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Five-time Commonwealth gold medallist Alicia Coutts is determined for the next month’s world championship trials

The five-time Commonwealth gold medallist Alicia Coutts is resolutely keeping an eye on her trials for 2011 FINA World Championships in the next month.

The 23 year old, Alicia Coutts is an emerging swimmer of Australia.

She has won many medals but one of the most remarkable performances of her was truly observed in the 2010 Commonwealth Championships in Delhi, wherein she took home the 5 gold medals.

On account of her amazing performances in Commonwealth championships, Coutts was awarded of Telstra Australian Swimmer of 2010.

Coutts is preparing harder for the World Championships in Shanghai in July.

Her goal is very high, as she desperately wants to win her first Olympic gold for Australia.

In the meantime, her coach John Fowlie has said that there is no importance of Coutts’ swimming results for us this year because we would really want Coutts to be fully prepared for the London 2012 Olympics.

Fowlie said that he is not worried about her trials.

“We’ve been really happy with the way she’s prepared since Commonwealth Games and the momentum that she’s been able to sustain since then.” Fowlie added.

Meanwhile, he said if Coutts fails to confirm her spot for the major events in the world championships in Shanghai, we shouldn’t be hopeless as our major goal is to get through Alicia for the next year London Olympics and that will be our major success certainly.

He made clear that whatever so happens for Coutts at the national championships, to be held in Sydney by 1 April to 8 April, our ultimate focus is to get through Alicia for High Altitude Training at Sierra, Nevada on 4th of May 2011.

He said, “This will be the first time she’s been to altitude training, we’ll be going at roughly a similar time for the following year in the Olympic year.”

Moreover, Fowlie said we have scheduled our Olympic plan in a detailed structure, including die chart, camping, training manuals and books, videos, CDs, and so on.

Furthermore, he clarified that we have defined a road map for our young, thrilling and stimulated swimmer, and we are really working on it with some serious thinking and self motivation.

Flowie gave huge remarks about the most remarkable performances of the young Australian swimmer in the 2010 Commonwealth championships.

He said Coutts’ stunning aquatic swimming performances in Delhi has transformed her from an unidentified swimmer into a completely recognised swimming icon all over the world.

Amazingly, she had captured the gold medals in Commonwealth championships due her fastest swimming speed, incredible stamina and strong mental toughness.

Coutts has expertise in several swimming styles: freestyle, medley and butterfly.

She has also represented Australia in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

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