Empire-Shanghai thrashes Barrossa in Champions Cup

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Empire-Shanghai thrashes Barrossa in Champions Cup

Erik Wright scored six impressive goals but to no avail, as Barrossa fell to Empire-Shanghai by four goals, 10-14 in the first round match of the Champions Cup. The hard-hitting competition was held at the Empire Polo Club in Californian city of Indio.

The duo teams were started the contest at very high tempo but Barrossa could not maintain its momentum after the first half and could only score ten goals against the fourteen of its competitor.

The game in the opening round was end to end play and two teams exchanged a couple of goals. Barrossa received a handicap goal at the start of the game. Joe Henderson and his team-mate Ashton Wolf scored one goal each for Empire-Shanghai. Erik Wright was
attacker of Barrossa who connected on a penalty shot and had it all even at the end of the first frame.

The pace of the game decreased a little bit in the second frame as only three points were scored in the period. Nick Morrison marked a field goal for Empire which was responded by two goals from Wright and Santiago
Trotz. The chukka ended with Barrossa leading the game by a narrow single point.

The third set of play was belonged to Empire-Shanghai which got five points while limited Barrossa only for a single score. Wolf and Nick Morison scored two goals apiece and established their first
lead in the game. Wright of Barrossa converted a solitary spot shot and showed their presence onto the field. Another Empire goal went up on the scoreboard from Abby Riggs to conclude the first half action with Empire holding a three point lead, 8-5.

The two teams swapped a couple of goals in the fourth round and moved forward with Empire leading the game. Santiago Trotz and Wright converted one penalty shot each while Henderson managed two scores for Empire. At the end of the fourth frame, Barrossa
was trailing three goals, 10-7.

Empire again dominated the second last frame and received another two goals while held Barrossa goalless. Morrison and Henderson nailed one goal each and expanded the lead to five points, 12-7.

The Barrossa attack came alive in the final set of play but they could not reduce the wide difference and only scored three points against the two of its contender. Wolf converted a spot shot while Henderson marked a goal from the field and took the Empire
to an insurmountable seven points lead. But the strikers of Barrossa were not sitting idle and Wright and Trotz added two and one goal respectively. But their offence was concluded without any results as no enough time was remaining on the clock. Empire-Shanghai
rode away the field with a 14-10 triumph in the opening game of the Champions Cup and established its bettor position in the event.

Henderson lit the lamp five times while Morrison and Wolf scored four goals apiece. Abby Riggs could only score once in the win.

Wright was highest scorer of the match but they lost the game. Santiago Trotz accounted for three points while losing Barrossa received one goal by handicap.

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