Denny Hamlin will carry Jumpman logo

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NASCAR’s No. 11 driver for Sprint Cup series, Denny Hamlin has signed the endorsement with Nike for its Air Jordan brand. Now he will support the “jumpman” logo on his fire suit, gloves and shoes.

Hamlin drives FedEx Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing; he was the runner up of Sprint Cup last season and amongst the favorites for this season. He has big fan following which will help Nike to promote its famous Michael Jordon’s brand.

He will wear” jumpman” logo of Jordan brand on his gloves, uniform belt, back, shoulders areas, and shoes. Jordan doesn’t have the range of fire shoes, so he will not wear it inside the car, but outside.

Its Jordon brands first endorsement in NASCAR and privilege goes to Hamlin, “It’s a big deal for myself and really NASCAR,” he said. “The Jordan brand has never been in NASCAR before. It is a dream come true for me.”

Hamlin is pleased with this endorsement and auspicious about it, “I personally think it’s going to relate to a lot of these sports athletes who come to these races each and every week, they don’t always recognize or understand us,” he said. “They’re going
to see it and recognize the brand. … For me, this is a huge stepping point and hopefully something that turns into something very big within the sport.”

Hamlin doesn’t believe that this endorsement will have any impact on the track, but just to promote in his fans, “Definitely, I don’t think it’s based on physical ability on the court,” he said.

Michael Jordon the NBA (National Basketball Association) Hall of Famer and the owner of Charlotte Bobcats team was actively involved for this endorsement. He is a friend of Hamlin, they play golf together. He also endorsed the Jordan brand as it is after
his name.

Michael has great interest in auto racing, Michael is a bigger motorsports fan than what people give him credit for,” Hamlin said.”He always talked to me last year about how the race went, because he watched the races,” “I never knew he really kept track
of racing that much until I dug a little deeper and found he’s had his motorcycle team since 2004. He’s always been an avid motorsports fan. He just never knew the right situation to get into NASCAR, and he felt like I was the right representative for him.”

Michael believes in Hamlin and considers him a strong prospect of the game “Denny’s confidence and passion for racing along with his determination for excellence on the track make him a valuable addition to the Jordan Brand,” he said.”We look forward to
working with Denny as he continues to take his success to the next level.”

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