Cricket World Cup: A flashback

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So as the cricket world cup of 2011 unfolds, most of the spectators look forward for the big day. The day which will define the fates of many. That day will mark the completion of the cricket world cup of 2011. The big day comes in every four years in the
cricket world. So far nine such days have been celebrated and every day was celebrated in a novel way.

The first ever world cup final in the history of cricket world was played between West Indies and Australia on 21 June 1975 at Lords. It was one thrilling game that marked the start of all the fun we see in the mega event these days. Team West Indies scored
291/8 in the first innings that comprised of sixty overs. And Australia was all out for just 274. And thus team West Indies was the first ever champions of the cricket world. The final of the mega event of the year 1975 brought in many records. The West Indies
captain Clive Lloyd was the first man ever to score a century in a cricket world cup. Australia’s Dennis Lillee was the first wicket taker the final of the mega event. The cricket world cup of 1975 started many trends that were about to flourish in the times
to come.
The second cricket world cup final was played in the year 1979 in the month of June. Again Lords was chosen as the venue owing to its favorable conditions. This time West Indies faced England. And now the big question was, will West Indies be able to retain
their status as the world champions. And it turned out that West Indies was far superior to England, West Indies played first and scored a total of 286/6. And ironically team England could not cope up with such a target and lost the game.
The third cricket world cup was again held at Lords in the year 1983. Again the hot month of June was chosen but nevertheless it was England. Team West Indies was again the finalists but this time they had to face team India. India could score 183 runs only
in 54.4 overs. West Indies batsmen were looking over attaining the world title for one more time but it turned out that life had other things in store for the team. West Indies lost their first ever final and India was declared as the new world champions.
For the Indians it was like a dream come true.
 The fourth world cup final was played outside England in Calcutta. This time Australia and England faced each other on the Indian soil. Australia played first and scored 253/5. England performed well but could only score 246/8 and so the Australia’s were declared
as the new world champions.
The fifth time cricket world cup was played at Melbourne. This time team Pakistan qualified for the finals along with team England. It was one great match to watch with Pakistan taking the position for the first time in the history of world cricket.
In the 1996 cricket world cup final Australia faced Sri Lanka at Gaddafi stadium Pakistan. Australia scored 241/7 and Sri Lanka was able to chase the target and was declared as the new world champions.
In the cricket world cup of 1999 Pakistan were again the finalists. This time Pakistan faced Australia. Pakistan batted first and were all out for just 138 runs. For Australia it was merely a cake walk and they won the world title.
From the world cup of 1999 till today all the mega events have been won by team Australia. Australia has remained matchless and the success stories for Australia are always endless. As the cricket world cup of 2011 goes on the spectators are anticipating whether
the transfer of power will take place or not. Let’s see who will win the world title this time.

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