Bone Tumour rules Blues’ star Haiu out of action for an indefinite period

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Bone Tumour rules Blues’ star Haiu out of action for an indefinite period

Blues lock Kurtis Haiu has been ruled out of rugby for an indefinite period as he was diagnosed with a bone tumour in his ribs on yesterday. The star had a pain in his ribcage since few months but he associated it with extensive hard work of rugby. The player
underwent a CT scan during the mid of April that revealed tumour on the bone.

Haiu made his Super Rugby debut in 2006 for the Blues and has been playing for them since then. He made his first appearance in the side during the 7th round of Super Rugby against the Waratahs. He recorded first try of his career in the same
season against the South African derby.  Haiu has participated in 74 matches for Blues including all replacements. He has also played for New Zealand’ U-19 and U-21 teams earlier on.

The Blues’ team doctor Stephen Kara confirmed that their player has been rested from all types of rugby for undefined time. Dr Kara told the reporters that Haiu has been diagnosed with bone tumour but further tests would determine the exact situation. He
added: “This appears to be a primary bone tumor but he will have to undergo a series of further tests including surgery to definitely confirm the type of tumor. Until this time prognosis is uncertain. Kurtis had noticed rib pain for several months but attributed
this to the contact involved in rugby”.

Team physician argued that the player should have undergone the diagnosing processing at the initial stage when he felt little pain in his ribs but didn’t. However Dr Kara was hopeful that still it was not too late and he will meet the bone specialist by
the next week.

The Blues coach has shown great disappointment for his player’s sickness and wished Haiu a quick recovery. Pat Lam said that outgoing player was one of his key players and his side will miss him during the upcoming matches. He added: “This has come as a
huge shock to Kurtis and to all of us but the extent at what he is looking at will not be known until further tests take place. For now Kurtis is in our prayers and we will rally around him and his family to provide friendship and support at this difficult

The coach argued Haiu was contributing well in the current victories of his team. The Blues have done well in the so far played matches of Super Rugby competition and they are placed on 2nd position at the point’s tables. The blues have grabbed
seven victories after the nine outgoings and they are leading the other New Zealander derbies in the Super Rugby championship.

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