Bonding hope of Poulter and Rose for the Ryder Cup

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With the successful runner-up finish at the Omega Mission Hills World Cup, team England now looking forward to pair again for another sensational tournament of the Ryder Cup, scheduled coming year. Ian Poulter and Justin Rose,
the representatives for the team England are positive enough at making a bond again in order to serve European Team against United States.

The Omega Mission Hills World Cup Hainan Island, China, comes to an end, leaving many memorable moments behind. With the winner team US, England also achieved honorable respect for completing the tournament with wondrous performance
and for tying with Germany at second-position. The runner-up teams performed extremely well with twenty-two under par and a total of 266 strokes, just one stroke behind the winner team US.

If we talk about the past, England only won two-times and six-times as runner-up. In 2004, it was Luke Donald and Paul Casey who brought the trophy home whereas Poulter and Rose also performed well this year by securing a second-position
at the day end.

The most appreciable story attached to the Omega Mission Hills World Cup is of the major strokes under par by team England. On the final day game play, Ian Poulter and Justin Rose scored nine-under par, the unmatched performance
helped England to be on the runner-up position.

Winning the tournament with one stroke lead is not so effective than England’s performance of final round. In my opinion, team England is the winner of the event, for scoring nine-under par on the final day game play. Consistency
in scores throughout four-day matters and this is the major reason for team US to lead the tournament.

There is more to share for this event, but the news is more about the interest for both the British nationals who want to pair again for the Ryder Cup 2012. Ryder Cup is the tournament which is played every two year between US
team and European team. Both teams compete against each other to win the trophy for their nation, the sensational event of the Ryder Cup 2012 will be at Medinah.

Poulter and Rose are hoping to be together again in order to deliver their strong bonding excellence against US team. Rose shared his views after the completion of the world cup tournament. “Getting a bit ahead of myself, I nearly
said to Ian, ‘Come on, let’s have a good practice round for the Ryder Cup’,”

 “It’s nice to dream about it.” Rose further said “Should we represent England in a couple of years, this will be the look.”

The key element of a great golf player includes long sightedness and his long term goals. Both the England’s players are focusing towards the Ryder Cup before a year, their motivation and interest for the Ryder Cup can easily be
seen by this action.

United States is the leading team in the Ryder Cup as it is in other tournaments as well, but both US and European teams have a strong potential history and are competitive enough to win the title coming year.

The bright history of the Ryder Cup includes twenty-five wins for US team and eight for European team. With the presence of Poulter and Rose, European team will be stronger and there will be more chances for Europe at winning the
tournament. There is almost a year left for the Ryder Cup’s tee off, but at the present times, tournament reaching its highest levels of interest amongst all and this event will be in the spot light throughout the year.

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